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Does full coverage insurance cover leaks in your windshield?

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Depending on the size, shape, availability and type, replacing an RV windshield can cost $1,000 – $5,000. The high cost of replacing a motor-home windshield is due to the glass product itself and the technical skill and labor of the experts who are hired to replace the windshield. Most often, your insurance company will cover the bulk of the cost of a windshield replacement. Some insurance companies will cover windshield repairs and, in some cases, offer additional glass coverage in their policies. RVs are notorious for taking rocks to the windshield, so consider inquiring about additional glass coverage.

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depending on where you live (check with your insurance company first) they will replace cracked,chipped,pitted glass free of charge. if they do just crack it and have them fix it no charge

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Q: Does full coverage insurance cover leaks in your windshield?
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Does Flood insurance in Florida cover plumming leaks?

No, and it is very likely that homeowners insurance will not provide coverage either as if the water damage is attributable to a leak, seep, drip or any other type of long term problem.

In Florida if a windshield seal is broken and leaks is it covered under the windshield law?

No, if a windshield seal is broken and leaks, it is not covered under the windshield law in Florida. You must have a cracked or broken windshield in order to be covered in this instance.

If a tenant lives in your condo and a common area pipe leaks on their car causing damage should the HOA cover this or will your homeowners liability insurance cover this or neither?

Read both your master policy that covers the condominium association's assets and your homeowner's policy to verify coverage.Also, the tenant's insurance may be a possibility for coverage.Basically, it will depend on the cause of the leak, and that will determine which policy, if any, covers the damage.

If air conditioner leaks in house is it covered by insurance?

Check your policy and call your agent or insurance company. Find out if you have coverage for an AC, the type of damage caused by leaks and if there is a deductible. If the air conditioner is still pretty new, check your warranty and talk with the store you bought it from.

Are dishwasher leaks causing damage to another unit's ceiling covered by homeowner's insurance?

The other person's insurance will have to cover their OWN damage. If a tree in your yard falls onto your neighbor's house, the neighbor has to use their own insurance. So it works the same for your case. Your insurance will cover your damages and the nieghbor's insurance will cover their own ceiling.

Does comprehensive RV coverage cover rain water leaks?

If you live in the RV full-time, then a comprehensive policy with full water damage coverage should be considered. In fact, it's a great idea. If the RV is only used now and then, you may not need water damage coverage outside your regular policy. Older RVs often need more water damage coverage due to wear and tear. Most RV coverage will not cover maintenance related leaks therefore use RV Roof Magic and be hassle free.

Does homeowners insurance cover mold mildew leaks and water damage?

They will not cover mold and mildew damage since the do not cover damage that has been happening for an extended period of time. They may cover water damage if it happened suddenly. It depends on how your policy was written.

Will home insurance cover in ground pool leaks caused by tree roots?

It may depend on the type of policy you purchased, A conversation with your insurance agent should let you know if you have the needed coverage. Most home insurance policies cover sudden accidental losses resulting from the listed covered perils such as fire, wind, hail, falling objects etc. Damage resulting from encroachment of tree roots are usually not a covered peril as this is generally considered an owners maintenance issue. In any case you should discuss the matte r with your insurance agent to determine what type of policy and scope of coverage you have and explore any coverage options that may be available on your policy.

Will homeowners insurance farmers cover waste line leaks and mold?

You'll need to talk with your insurance agent or the company. It just depends on what caused the leak. See your home insurance policy schedule of coverage, Typically fire, wind, hail etc. If they are just old and worn out then no they would not be covered as that is just a normal and expected owners maintenance issue.

Does homeowner insurance cover pool leaks?

Just contact your insurance agent and ask if you have coverage for your pool structure. If your pool is a covered structure then you shoud have coverage for accidental damages by the perils specified. Typical perils include fire, wind, hail, falling objects, etc. Some policies may also extend coverage for damage resulting from ground movement. Bear in mind that normal wear and tear, expected maintenance and repair, is not a covered peril under your home insurance policy. So it may depend on what caused the pool leak.

Does insurance cover plumbing?

Virtually all home insurance policies today cover plumbing leaks that are sudden and accidental. Homeowners policies sometimes specifically exclude long-term plumbing leaks which the home owner must have been aware of, but have done nothing about. Water damage caused by failure in plumbing is usually covered by homeowners insurance if certain conditions are met. To know more information visit at-

Does home warranty cover flooding from leaks?

It depends on what kind of warranty coverage you bought, They are not all written the same. Some warranties are better than others. You could read your warranty papers your self to see the coverage terms or just call the warranty company and ask them to explain the coverage terms.

Who is responsible for costs when a toilet backs up and leaks to unit downstairs in condo?

Your personal condo insurance should cover it under the liability section. It will not be a penalty to you.

Will renters insurance cover damage to the floor if your aquarium leaks?

Firstly, the home doesn't belong to you so it would not cover to fix your landlords property. Also, the reason is a maintenance issue and not a covered cause anyway.

Are water pipe leaks covered under home owners insurance?

The occasional water leak is a normal expected part of home ownership and maintenance. Plumbing maintenance is not a scheduled coverage on a home insurance policy. It's just time to call a plumber.

Does home insurance cover leaks from the roof?

Insurance policy generally covers roof leaks and other damages to your roof, as long as the cause of the damage is not specifically excluded by your policy. But it’s important to note: if a leak occurs due to a lack of maintenance, you may have to pay for the repairs yourself. Also, make sure to consider your home insurance policy's deductibles to determine whether filing a claim makes the best financial sense.

How should I handle liability insurance given that I pay local handymen to fix roof leaks and they don't have insurance?

I'm assuming you have homeowners insurance. You should contact your agent or the policy services dept. of your insuring company and discuss this with them, there may not be coverage under your liability portion of your homeowners policy to cover him, and you may want to add an endorsement. Your state insurance department is your best resource for insurance-related questions and concerns. Find information on insurance companies and agents, rate quotes and comparisons, insurance buying tips, claims filing information and much more! State Insurance Department websites:

Does insurance cover a settling concrete foundation if there were multiple plumbing leaks under it in the past?

This could be a complex situation. If the home has been insured with the same insurance company during all of these plumbing leak losses and now the foundation damage it would be wise to report a claim. Expert opinions on the cause of the foundation problem may be required in order to assess coverage. Sometimes insurance companies hire the expert to look into it (oftenly to support a denial, unfortunately). //

Insurance coverage and galvanized pipe SLAB LEAKS?

I think, only a guess that the pipe under the house and possible even those inside are not covered. The damage they cause probably is, but not the pipe itself. Ask your agent.

Why is there water in floorboard but no windshield leaks on 2000 Monte Carlo?

Your cabin filter seal is missing or out of place.

What is valve cover gasket?

Gasket that goes between head and valve cover to prevent leaks

Who pays for roof leak into my home?

The answer probably lies within your association's declaration of covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs). There may be an exculpatory, or non-liability, clause that lets the association off the hook even if negligence is a factor in the deficiency in the common roof. The association's insurance would not be responsible for paying for your claim if this type of exculpatory clause appears in the legal documents. The insurance company could also deny your claim if the association has had a history of roof leaks in the past. Insurance companies soon get wise to associations that defer their roof maintenance and then expect the insurance coverage to pay for interior damage. A past history of roof leaks can result in eventual cancellation of the association's policy. In my opinion, it is wise to obtain insurance coverage for the interior of your unit and its contents. This will only assist you in case of future losses. When obtaining this coverage, you should also consider loss-assessment coverage, which will reimburse you in the event that your association must levy a special assessment due to an insurance loss. This type of coverage is very helpful if your association is affected by an earthquake or flooding for example. Consult an attorney who specializes in community association law. After reviewing your association's legal documents and insurance policy, he or she will be able to advise you about your rights and the association's obligations.

Does homeowner insurance cover in ground swimming pool leaks?

Probably not as not all houses will normally have a swimming pool. If you want to know either read the detail of your policy or ring up the company and ask.

Does state farm cover water damage?

State Farm is very likely to cover water damage, and the repair of a leak to stop water damage that has already occurred in your home. They may or may not cover slab leaks that have not caused damage to your home or belongings. They will almost certainly cover the cost of a pipe that leaks upstairs and causes massive amounts of damage through the ceiling and downstairs. Only a claims adjuster can tell you for certain whether any given circumstances will be covered. Different policies are, well, different, so they may cover yours, but they very well may not. We blog on this subject some. Please contribute to it to help us create a comprehensive database of insurance company slab leak experiences. yes but it depends on your coverage plan

When do you change the valve cover gasket on a 2003 Toyota Camry?

When it leaks.