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Newton's laws of Motion state that Momentum is a product of Mass times velocity.

Momentum = Mass x velocity.

Therefore, a loaded truck needs a larger force to move it, and once it's moving, it needs more powerful brakes to stop it. So a fully loaded truck will have more momentum and be harder to stop than an empty truck.

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Q: Does fully loaded truck or empty truck have more momentum?
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How much do a coca cola truck weigh?

2856kg fully loaded or... 1800kg un-loaded or empty

Why does loaded truck start more slowly than an empty truck?

becoz loaded truck has got more weight than the empty becoz of which loaded truck has got more friction in tyres compared to empty truck...this may the reason why loaded truck starts slow than the empty truck

When is a truck most likely to jackknife loaded over loaded or empty?


What does operating weight of a dump truck refer to?

Fully loaded

How tall is a logging truck when fully loaded?

very tall

What is truck gross weight?

The Gross Weight of a truck is the weight it's rated to be at when fully loaded

Which is faster to stop an empty truck or loaded truck?

Depends on the vehicle and braking system. In a commercial vehicle, the brakes are designed specifically for stopping a loaded vehicle, and an unloaded truck can actually require more stopping distance than a loaded truck.

What is the weight of a 15 CY dump truck fully laden?

It depends on the density of the material that is loaded on the truck.

Why does a truck carrying a heavy load move uphill slower than an empty truck even though the engine exerts the same force?

Because the force is acting to move the greater weight. A fully loaded large truck may weight 87,000 lbs more than the empty truck. More work must be performed to move that greater weight.

Why does a slow-moving loaded truck and a speeding rifle bullet each have a large momentum?

Momentum is the product of velocity and mass.

Which has the greater potential energy if both are traveling at the same speed-a fully loaded truck or a motorcycle?

Clearly the truck, as it is heavier

Would it be more difficult to stop a truck carrying a heavy load or to stop the same truck empty?

A truck that is more heavy with the same velocity whil the truck is less heavy it will have more momentum!!