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Yes, gender does affect lung capacity. Other factors that affect lung capacity include age, weight, height and level of fitness.

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Q: Does gender effect lung capacity
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Will a person's height or size have an effect on their lung capacity?

Factors such as gender, physical fitness, age, height, and weight can all affect lung capacity. This page offers an explanation on how they affect it:

What is the effect of execersing on the rate of inhalation on lung capacity?

Exercising increases the lung capacity.

What variables affect lung capacity?

Vital capacity is a term which refers to the maximum volume someone can breathe in his lungs [ the max volume of air inhaled after a max exhalation]. It depends on many factors. How fit someone is, smoking, obesity, height, sex, body size and the posture of the body [when someone lies his vital capacity is less than standing]. Also when playing a flute instrument you'll increase your vital capacity,

What is the average lung capacity for a 10-11 year old?

The lung capacity vary on the person's age, gender, where he lives and more. For example, if he lives in a smoke-free area his lung capacity is probably more. The average lung capacity for a human is 4-6 liters of air and the average lung capacity for a 10-11 year old is around 4 liters.

How bronchial asthma effect on lung volume and capacity increase or decrease and why?

decrease -

Why does predicted vital capacity vary with height?

Vital capacity varies depending on the size of the thoracic cavity, which tends to correlate with height. Lung capacity varies with height, weight, age, gender, and ethnicity.

What disorders increase a person lung capacity?

Lung capacity can not be increased by a disorder.

How did my tidal and vital lung capacity differ?

My tidal lung capacity was lower. I know the difference because in the tidal lung capacity you are taking in less breath. When you are doing the vital lung capacity, you take in more breath.

What is lung capacity decreases?

it has lung cancer

Does you age affect your lung capacity?

Men have larger lung capacities than women. Tall people also have larger lung capacities than short people. It is said that people aged 20-25 have larger lung capacities than other age groups, Its because by the time you have reached your twenties your lungs have reached their full capacity, but when you are a kid then your lungs aren't fully developed so they don't have a large capacity. From when you are 20 your lung capacity starts going down so an old man has about the same lung capacity as a very small boy.

What is lung capacity meant by?

Your total lung capacity is the total volume of the lung after maximum inspiration. (average 6 litres).

What organs would affect lung capacity?

The lungs and heart, when diseased or injured could decrease lung capacity. Obesity would also reduce lung capacity