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Q: Does getting a birthmark removed hurt?
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Did Drew Brees have his birthmark removed?


How did quarterback Drew Brees get his scar?

Brees was born with a mole on his right cheek. When Brees was 3, his parents considered having the birthmark removed, but doctors said that there was no medical reason to remove it

Does getting teeth removed for braces hurt?

the doctors normally put anticeptic, and numb the pain

Does getting your appendix out hurt?

Yes. You'll get put to sleep before you get it removed but you'll feel soar afterwards.

Can small flat moles on the face hurt when getting removed?

Yes because there flat which causes digging in skin

I am just getting my wisdom teeth at 33 and they really hurt. The back of my throat is swollen. What causes this and how can I stop the pain?

You have to get them removed.

Does getting your tonsils removed hurt?

No, having your tonsils removed does not hurt. You are under anesthesia, and pretty much out of it for a day. However, afterwards your throat may be sore, but no, the process does not hurt in any way. Don't talk, scream at your siblings, cuz you might rip the stitches. - Jen Spock

Does it hurt to get stitches taken out of your lip i got 2 stitches in my lip from getting hit with a baseball and it didn't hurt getting stitches in does it hurt getting them out by a doctor?

To some extent it will for a second. When stitches are removed there is a little tug of the stitch as it is taken out. You can feel it, but it isn't as bad as when the stitch was put in. I had 8 taken out recently and was glad to have them out since they started to pull a little on the area where they were.

Do you need to have your wisdom teeth removed if there is enough space in your mouth for them to come in?

No! I had room in my mouth for all of my wisdom teeth to come in. The bottom one's became impacted and hurt so i had them removed, but i still have my top one's and I'm not getting them removed!

Does getting a pilonidal cyst removed hurt?

I had surgery to remove a quarter-sized pilonidal cyst removed and the procedure itself didn't hurt at all but yes it definitely hurt afterward. I was surprised to see the large black hole that was left in my back. Seeing the hole was very scary and I wasn't really prepared for it. If you have a pilonidal cyst removed then don't plan on doing anything for days afterward. It will hurt to move at all, you can't even lay on your back and bathing hurts, too, but it is absolutely necessary.

Do tattoes hurt?

yes they will hurt for days and they will hurt more when you get is removed.

GFCI circuitry checks for what?

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt checks that if there is current on the ground line the power is removed to prevent you from getting hurt.

Is there any way to get rid of a large birthmark?

Short of cosmetic surgery, your best bet is to cover it with make-up. You could also put sun screen on just the birthmark and go tanning to bring the rest of your skin tone up to match the birthmark. You of course can't cover the birthmark perfectly, but just getting the sunscreen on the general area will help.

What does it feel like to get your tonsils removed?

It really doesn't hurt, it feels just like getting you ears peirced:) hope that helps. ^^^

Does it hurt to have a mole removed?

I had a large mole removed on my neck by my gp and it did not hurt one bit he injected it first which numbed it then removed it and then put a stitch in it job done.

Does it hurt when pins are removed from toes after hammer toe surgery?

No it does not hurt when a pin is removed from your toe after hammer toe surgery.

Can you get rid of birthmarks?

You can get surgery to have the birthmark removed. You can also wear make-up, use foundation and conceal the mark, then use powder.

How did Mikhail Gorbachev feel about his birthmark and what did he do about it?

Mikhail Gorbachev probably did not thoroughly enjoy his birthmark. It's actually a "port-wine stain". He once said that he didn't have it surgically removed so the Soviet people would know that he was more concerned about their well-being then his looks.

Does getting a henna hurt?

No getting a henna does not hurt at all..

Does getting a mole removed hurt?

That part does not...If it is a large mole they give you a shot to numb it that is the part that hurts....well it doesn't really hurt it is just like getting a shot and then the pressure of all the numbing fluid is what hurts....then it is numb so you can't feel a thing...i got four removed that way...well three and a wart and trust me GETTInG A NUMB SHOT IN BETWEEN YOUr TOES HURTS LIKE CRAP!!! so try to get rid or warts as soon as you notice them...don't let them grow!!

Does it hurt to get wires removed with a jaw fracture?


Where is michael jackson's birthmark?

The closest thing he had to a birthmark was a mole on his cheek. He did not have an actual birthmark though.

If you take ecstasy before getting your wisdom teeth removed will it hurt you?

It would be a very ill-advised move. Your dental surgeon will give you something appropriate for the pain.

If you've got a strawberry birthmark on your back could you have an operation to remove it?

I have one on my back, and yes you can get it removed (my Doctor has told me) but it is risky depending on how big it is.

Where is Georgiana's birthmark in The Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorne?

Georgianna had a small birthmark on her cheek, on her face; it was the shape of a tiny hand.