Does getting braces hurt

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Getting braces hurts when you tighten them every month and it hurts the first week you get them. Other than that they dont. You Dont even feel them afterwards. Every month you will have to go and get them tightened and new color but it only hurts for the first 3days. Afterwards you dont even feel them. I had braces on for 4 years and had alot of experience! I recommend you to eat soup, yogurt, and milk, for the first few days. If they hurt badly those 2 days then take a pain killer and put something warm on your outside of the mouth (lower cheek) and lay in bed on top of the braces! It really helps. And/or put some gel on them. Brush everytime you eat something for at least 5minutes!!!!! Really important trust me!!!! And trust me, after you take them off after 2 or 3 years you will be amazed what the treatment has done.

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Q: Does getting braces hurt
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Does braces hurt getting them on?

No, it does not hurt while getting braces on but it is uncomfortable, and afterwards it hurts

Does it hurt when you get invisible braces?

i don't think getting invisible braces are different from getting normal braces and braces does not hurt when you are getting them but when you got them on for a few hours or so it will kinda hurt

Do tightenung braces hurt?

No getting braces tighten does not hurt it only is uncomfortable but after a hour with your braces they start to hurt.

Does getting braces hurt honestly?

Getting braces only hurt when they first tighten it. It loosens up in a couple days.

Does it hurt to get braces?

Getting braces will hurt for some people but not all. Everyone is different.

If you are 11 years of age will braces hurt?

does getting braces hurt?, cuz i will get braces i dont know when i want one but i dont know will it hurt or not

Why do braces hurt the next day?

Braces hurt because your teeth are moving, they're getting straight!

Do check retractors hurt when getting braces?

It didn't hurt when i got my teeth whitened so i don't think it will hurt when you get braces

Does it hurt when yougr braces get fixed?

yes it does hurt when you get your braces fixed. Its just like getting your braces put on again for the first time.

Does tighterning braces hurt?

Getting your braces tightened may hurt depending how crooked your teeth are and how tender your gums are.

I'm getting braces on tomorrow so how long do your braces hurt for once you get them on?

They can hurt for a couple of days to a couple of weeks, depends on the amount of braces and the person.

Does it hurt to get your braces tightened?

it does hurt i dont have braces YETT but im getting them and alot of my friends who have braces say the dont hurt when they put them on & dont hurt when they take them offf. but it sure as helll does when the tighten theem.:)hope this hellped!!

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