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Does getting your nose pierced hurt?

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I just recently got my nose pierced i have a high pain tolerance and i even thought it was a bit painful. It was probably the fastest piercing i ever got, meaning it was done in about two minutes. It feels like a shot and then some pressure after wards. I love the way mine looks and i say the pain is worth it.

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Does getting your belly button pierced hurt if you have your nose pierced?

No it doesn't hurt and I know this because a friend of mine had both pierced but it would hurt like the nose pierce

Does your nose hurt getting it pierced if your 13?

Getting your nose pierced is likely going to hurt regardless of how old you are. It's your pain tolerance, not your age, that dictates how much it's going to hurt.

Does getting your nose pierced with a stud hurt?

no only if your nose is really sensitive

Does getting your nose pierced hurt for a 12 year old?

Yea it does hurt

Does it hurt to get your cartlidge peirced?

I got my cartilage pierced when I was 12. And it honestly did hurt a little bit. Compared getting your nose pierced it hurts 10 times worse. I got my nose pierced for my 16th birthday and it didn't hurt at all. All you feel when you get your nose pierced is some pressure.

Can you tan after getting your nose pierced?

the answer to your question is simple are you out of your mind that would hurt.

Does getting your nose pierced even hurt?

I got my nose pierced about 3 and a half months ago and it doesnt hurt that bad...It actually doesnt hurt as bad as getting stung by a bee...I just had one little tear roll down my face when I got mine done...So get your nose pierced it looks really cute :)

How much does it hurt getting your nose pierced?

a lot obviously ^ this is not true. How much pain you have depends on you and how sensitive you are. I have my nose pierced and it hurt only during the initial piercing and it wasn't extremely bad..

Does getting your spectrum pierced hurt?

A septum piercing is a type of nose piercing. The cartilage is not pierced but the gap between the bottom of the nose and cartilage is. Many have said that it does not hurt very much, but everyone's tolerance is different.

Does getting your cartaledge pierced hurt?

it does hurt if you get your cartilage pierced. It will continue to hurt for about two the four weeks after you get it pierced.

Im getting my lip pierced on Saturday I've had my nose pierced and on a scale of 1 to 10 that hurt about 8.5 Soo i wanted to know how much does a lip piercing hurt?

Going by the nose pierce, on a scale of 1 to 10 the lips will also hurt you to about 8.5.

Does it hurt when getting your nose pierced?

Pretty much all piercings hurt - its just a matter of how much. Most nose piercing hurts about the same as getting an earlobe pierced. Of course there is also soreness after the piercing which usually goes away after it heals up (unless it gets infected).

I have an old pimple in the area i will be getting my nose pierced will this be a problem?

An old pimple in the area you will be getting your nose pierced shouldn't be an issue

What are the negatives about getting a nose ring?

Some negatives may include; it getting infected, the pain while in the process, or even changing the ring itself. Some people say getting their nose pierced is one of the worst pains. Getting my nose pierced hurt more than any of my other piercings. The first few weeks, you nose can get infected, and its not fun. If you change the nose ring too early it can infect it or make is sore so be careful when deciding to get your nose pierced. I hope this helped!

What does it mean if you dream about getting your nose pierced?

i think it means u really want to get your nose pierced

Does it hurt when you get your cartledge pierced?

No it doesn't. Sure it hurts a little more than the normal skin, but it's not that painful. If you were to be getting your nose pierced, everybody says it hurts, it really doesn't it is a small pain that lasts for about 5 seconds. So if your getting your nose pierced, just go for it! It's awesome!

Does getting your hip pierced hurt?


Does getting your hips pierced hurt?


Does getting your neck pierced hurt?


Is it okay for a 13 year old to get her nose pierced?

yes, i think since you/they are a offitial teen. i am about to get my nose pierced tomorrow.... but I heard that it does not hurt. But my own oppinion is that you/they are a offitial teen so YES why not The correct answer is: It's ok if your parents are ok with it or it's ok if you're prepared face any punishment for getting your nose pierced.

Can you get paralized by getting your nose pierced?

no no no no! absolutly not. your nose will not affect your spinal cord.

Does it hurt more to get your nose done with a needle or gun?

* My nose was pierced with a gun and it didn't hurt at all but then again people tell me that you shouldn't have anything pierced with guns. * I had the needle done, and it hurt like hell, but it is supposedly the healthier way to do it.

Will getting your nose pierced kill part of your brain?


Is the tip of your nose supposed to be numb after getting it pierced?


How long does it take for your tongue to start to swell or hurt after getting it pierced?

When you get your tongue pierced it takes an out to swell and it does not hurt at all!