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Ive been a professional piercer for 7 years and have never heard anything so ridiculous :)

There's no way that any piercing will aid weight loss.


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Depends on why you dont have it anymore. I suggest that you talk it over with your piercer. If this is your first time getting it repierced, I say go for it, but like I said, just talk to your piercer about it. If you'd like a better answer, you can give more info in the discussion section and I'll try and help you out :)

Your shouldn't because it might kill the good bacteria that is there to help your nose heal. :)

Your immune system is loaded down right now and a piercing is not going to help it one bit. wait till you are back to normal health before getting anything pierced.

ish you can get it cheaper but that is pretty resonable oh and p.s peirced is spelt pierced just so you know anyway hope icould help lots of love devil child

There is a fat ways to gain weight. You can try eating more or getting pills to help you gain weight.

It worked on my ears idont see how it wouldn't work on your belly button.

No it dose not make you lose weight . You lose weight by turning into a vegetarian or getting into a diet.

No. Not eating junk food, sodas, and getting off the couch helps weight loss.

Yes partially. I think both losing weight and getting councelling to help control your anxiety would help. Getting the anxiety taken care of would help you lose weight and losing weight will help your anxiety. So they help eachother. Bullying has a terrible effect on people for years to come, it is unfortunate that schools didn't teach children about this topic in the past. They are getting better gradually. You could check out or for more on bullying.

You can help the circulatory system by maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding smoking. Getting regular exercise is also important.

i show my parents that i am mature. i have 28 piercings now. i write a sort of report on the piercing. i tell them what the name of it is, where its located, how high the rejection rate is, risks, aftercare, healing times, and i pay for it. i also keep my grades up in school and i help with chores. i ope this helps you. if you need any help with other piercings, you can reach me at

There are many weight loss programs that will help boost energy. Eating a well balanced diet and getting plenty of exercise will help you to feel more energized.

Should one use witch hazel or alcohol to help dry up an irritation with pierced ears

Multivitamins can aid your body in losing weight, since it will be getting the nutrients necessary to work property. Other vitamins can hinder weight loss while others can help. It all depends on which vitamins are being used.

You can avoid smoking and excessive alcohol and engage in regular weight-bearing exercise.

No. Caffeine is a blood thinner so it increase swelling and bleeding. Heat is fine for piercings. Warm water soaks actually help decrease swelling.

No! Who ever told you that is just dumb! If you want to lose weight do it the smart healthy way instead of hurting your self!

To help control rapid weight gain after getting off the birth control pill, you will need to watch what you eat. Focus on healthy fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.

No, it won't help lift your breasts naturally, but I would still get it done. It hurts a lot, but after getting my first nipple pierced ( my right one), I went ahead and did the other one and love both.......

Implanon does not help you lose weight.

No, honey does not help you to lose weight.

Carefully remove screw back usually soaking piece in water will help loosen glue. You can buy pierced hardware at walmart in craft section. This new pierced back can be applied with superglue.

Well you need to leave it a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks before considering any changes to the jewellery. If it's and issue that you don't like the jewellery or it's uncomfortable then go back to your professional body piercer and have them help you change it sooner. But the longer you leave it the better it will heal.

form_title= Find Help Losing Weight form_header= Connect with a professional to help you lose weight! What is your current weight?*= _ What is your weight loss goal?*= _ What other weight loss plans have you tried in the past?*= _

Green tea can help you lose weight, but it doesn't help you lose weight very fast. It is the type of weight loss drink then can help, but just doesn't do it as quickly as other weight loss drinks.

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