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Does global warming help the earth?

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Global warming will raise the temperature of the earth and cause great changes to the climate. The earth will cope with this.

All living things on earth, however, may die if global warming continues.

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How can you help the Walruses?

Stop Global Warming,all of the effects on global warming are killing these beautiful animals.Take action and help Earth!

How can you help global warming in Antarctica?

You can learn to live lightly on Earth and help reduce or prevent global warming all over the planet.

How has global warming helped the earth?

Global warming has not helped the earth, it has harmed the earth.

Why earth have a global warming?

There is no such thing as "a global warming" global warming only happens to earth because human and our unruly decrease in the earths resources. HUMANS cause global warming.

Where is the Earth Affected by Global Warming?

Global Warming can affectthe Earth in many ways and everywhere!

How does global warming come to earth?

Global Warming is coming to earth. It is because of ozone depletion.

How can science help save global warming?

Science has no interest in saving global warming. Science is a body of knowledge and a system of discovering things. Without global warming life on earth would not exist.

What to put on a pamphlet on global warming?

'Help.. global warming.'

What does global warming have to do with climate change?

Global warming is the reason for climate change. Global: the earth, Warming:temperature rising the warming of the earth is causing climate change.

Can being green help global warming?

Yes by cleaning the earth, takes away pollution. And the pollution is what's causing global warming. But just to say, I don't believe in global warming. Because THE LORD promised he wouldn't flood the Earth again.

How can the study of earth science solve global warming?

As we study the earth and earth science we can find out what we can do as humans to help reduce the rapid increase in earth's warming.

Difference between global warming and global cooling?

well first of all global warming is what warms the earth and global cooling is what cools the earth

When will global warming destroy earth?

Global warming will not destroy the earth. The earth can deal with temperatures very much hotter than now. However, if global warming does not stop it will destroy all life on earth.

What is The slow rise in temperature around the earth?


What are the most problems in earth science?

global warming, pollution. GLOBAL WARMING.

Do greenhouse gasses help global warming?

They don't help with global warming naturally but the large buildup of greenhouse gases does assist with global warming.

What information can ice hold to help in the research of global warming?

It helps to see how fast global warming its taking its affect on earth and its o zone layer.

What is the gradual warming of the earth called?

Global Warming

Where did global warming majorly occur?

Global warming is happening everywhere on the Earth equally

Does global warming help?

Global warming or climate change is not likely to help anyone in the long term.

Who is helping to stop global warming?

its us...we can help stop the global warming..,

Is global warming a pollution?

Global warming in itself isn't pollution - global warming is the gradual warming of the earth. However, global warming was caused by carbon dioxide pollution in the atmosphere, but global warming in itself isn't a pollution. yes it is a pollution

Is the sun being affected by global warming?

No, the sun is not affected by global warming. Global warming is happening on the earth and its effects are confined to our world

What is earth day global warming and climate change?

Earth day is a day we celebrate earth.Global warming is the way that the world is warming because we are burning fossil fuel.Climate change is the way the climate is changing because of the global warming.

What is the name giving to the gradual warming of the earth?

The name given to the gradual warming of the Earth is "Global Warming."