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Yes, but not for quite the reason you might think. If Earth were the same density throughout, gravity would decrease as you moved toward the center, as more and more of Earth's mass would be above you. However, Earth's density is not uniform. Earth's core is made mostly of iron, which is much denser than the rock that makes up the crust and mantle. So gravity would increase as you got closer to the dense. Once you cross into the core, gravity starts to decrease as described above until you reach the very center, where gravity (at least from Earth) is zero.

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Q: Does gravity increase as you move under the earth?
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Does weight - force of gravity - decrease or increase as you move away from the earth by distance squared?

It decreases as you move away from Earth.

When humans train in higher gravity than earth will their speed increase?

Yes, because it would make it easier to move around on Earth if the gravity is lower. Also, watch Dragon Ball Z!

Why you do not move while earth moves?

Of course we move. We move along with Earth.

How do the earth move in space?

the gravity moves the Earth in a circle

Why does the earth not moves due to gravity?

The earth does move due to gravity.Without gravity, the earth would move in a straight line. The force of gravity between earth and the sunis what bends the earth's path into a closed curve around the sun, called earth's "orbit".

How does gravity make something move across the surface of earth?

the pull of earth's gravity makes any objects fall to the ground.As the moon goes around earth, its gravity pulls on earth causing water in the oceans to move toward the moon.Earths gravity also pulls on the moon.

How does earth move vertically upward?

because if gravity

Gravity causes groundwater to move through connecting pores of earth crust?

gravity does do that

Does gravity cause groundwater to move through connecting pores of Earth's crust?

gravity does do that

When does an object not move downwards under the effect of gravity?

On every object on earth, earth exerts a force on it which is equal to the weight of object. When we throw a object it earth exerts force on it and it came downwards but if we throw it with escape velocity then it will not move downwards.

How can you less gravity from earth?

The only way is to move farther away from Earth.

What is the reasons why rocks and soil move downslope?

The reason is gravity which, on earth, pulls all objects towards the centre of the earth.