Does gravity push or pull?

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Gravity is the attraction of mass to other mass. It is a "pull" rather than a "push" in that light.
Not really. This is a 17th century Newtonian way of looking at Gravity. A
According to Einstein's theory of General Relativity, gravity is a push. The space around an object is malleable and is warped by that object. So in Earth's case the Space is pushing us back down to earth.
There are many arguments for both pull and push when it comes to gravity, a search of the internet will lead you to many arguments for both push and pull
I disagree with the above Gravity is still a PULL rather than a PUSH Anyone else care to add ?
No it is a pushing effect. Think of earth as being immersed in pool of dark matter, which could also be described as Einstein's Space-time stuff, it is pressure of that displacement on neutral particles in your body and other everyday stuff that results in the downward force. An interesting fact that proves this is that as soon as you go underground you become slightly lighter. Another fact is that when you go into space just outside of the atmosphere you become weightless within a relatively short distance (Note from J. Craig: This is not true. You feel weightless if you are falling around the Earth, which is called orbit.). If it were a pulling force you would lose weight at the inverse square law and it does not happen that way. Also if you consider the Moon as shielding us from gravity rather than pulling us, it would create the same effect.

Now, while the above is a very good example of the theoretical background of the advancement of gravity discussions, it's mostly useless to someone wanting applicable knowledge about gravity.
With this said, gravity is BOTH a push and a pull. Think about a horse and carriage. To the observer, the horse is pulling the carriage. To the horse, however, it feels as though it's pushing on the chest brace to move the carriage. Even in engineering calculations using vector forces, the difference between push and pull doesn't matter much when doing calculations with particle physics.

It should be of course both. There's no need to scientific detail. You just have to understand the definition of the words push and pull. Pushing simply means that the mass of the motivating force is coming from behind. Pulling means the mass of the motivation force is in front. The effects of gravity is seemingly tethered to all parts of our body, as if we were submerged in it, so it could be seen as doing both.

The difference between push and pull is merely a semantic argument.
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How do you build a car that moves without the use of gravity electricity a motor or a person pushing or pulling it?

For the car to start moving, it has to have a force applied toit. Once it is moving, and assuming frictional forces can beignored, it will continue to move in a straight line. So, you need something to get it started, and you are not allowedto use gravity, electricity, a motor running on combustible ( Full Answer )

Is gravity a push or pull force?

Some physicists believe it to be a pull or attractive force. It is a force that seems to be tied at the hip of matter. The Real question: what is 'Gravity' and what is its source? If one is of the camp of thought, that matter is the 'source' of 'gravity', the the answer is PULL. So because of this a ( Full Answer )

What is the pull in the pull of gravity?

I love these seemingly simple questions that delve into the ROOT of physics knowledge!. The answer is: NOBODY really knows! Gravity can be thought of as the warpage of the space time continuum, and the pull of one body on another is a FUNDAMENTAL force.. It is possible to have a uniuverse where th ( Full Answer )

What was the push-pull factor?

A PULL factor is a factor "pulling" them from Mexico TO America (or where they're going) A PUSH factor is resons for them to go FROM Mexico to America. e.g. Pull factors, more hospitals and doctors, money, happiness, loop-holes in health services, more rules, you can earn $3.26 more an hour, fam ( Full Answer )

Do muscles push or pull?

Muscles only pull. EXAMPLE: Biceps pull to close space between upper arm and forearm. Then the triceps pull to open the area again.

Push pull method?

This is a method of controlling your steering wheel, by pushing the steering wheel with one hand, while pulling it with the other.

Where does gravity pull you?

Gravity, which is a function of the earth's mass, is a constant force toward the center of the earth.

Does gravity pull you or push you?

Hi if you or any body has confusion in that what the force of gravity does so its quite simple gravity is a force that pulls everything to its self as a example is that when object falls it always comes down this is because of the pulling force called gravity this is proved by newton...

What way does gravity push you on a bike?

Towards the center of the Earth. Really. Down, basically. If you're trying to go uphill, you'll get pulled backwards. If you're going downhill, you'll get pulled forwards, because of the slope of the hill and the action of the wheels.

What is gravity and why does it pull?

Gravity is a characteristic of the natural universe. There is a force of attraction between every two masses in the universe. More mass in the pair leads to more force; it doesn't matter how the mass is split between them. More distance between the pair leads to less force. The forces on bot ( Full Answer )

What were the push-pull factors to immigration?

push factors are jobs, few immigrant restrictions, avoid militaryservice, avoid religious persecution, and move up the socialladder. pull factors are unemployment, poverty and famine.

Push pull factors?

Push-Pull factors are the simple way to help moving. Push factors are when a person decides what the bad things are in the state they currently live in. Pull factors are when a person decides the good things in other states. Example. Newyork: Cold, crime. Push factor. Florida: Sunny. Less crime. Pul ( Full Answer )

SHould you push or pull with your back?

Neither. Your back is your support. You should be pushing/pulling with the other parts of your body i.e. legs/ knees, or arms

Is friction a pushing or a pulling force?

Friction is a phenomenon which acts to resist an applied force, both 'pushing' and 'pulling'. It is a force in itself, and may be considered the opposite of slippery. It will change the path of a body in motion.

Do muscle pull or push?

I think they pull... I'm not sure... the triceps pull on the arm to straighten it and biceps pull too...

Is the force of gravity a push or pull force?

Force of gravity is a pull force. Earth has this force. The earth pulls us towards its center so that we are standing on it. If it was to push we would be in space now.

Why do you notice the pull of earths gravity but not the pull of the suns gravity?

The center of the sun is very roughly 23,000 times as far from you as the center of the Earth is. That means that the gravitational force between you and each pellet of mass in the sun is roughly 1 / (23,000) 2 = 1 / (540 million) = 0.00000000185 as much as the gravitational force between ( Full Answer )

How can you float if gravity is pushing you down?

You (or anything) can only float if the force of gravity pulling down is exactly balanced by some other force pushing up. In a fluid there's a force called buoyancy pushing up on anything in the fluid, the strength of which is equal to the weight of fluid 'displaced' (the fluid that would be in that ( Full Answer )

What is the pulling or pushing force from a spaceship?

I think this is a question about how a rocket motor works. If you burn high explosive fuel in a closed box and the box is strong enough, the box won't move because the forces on all the walls balance each other out in all directions. But if you open a hole in one wall, then suddenly there is imbalan ( Full Answer )

What are the push and pull factors of Argentina?

First is poverty, some of these people make less than 1 dollar a day, is complete natural that they want to come here to make some money to support their family. Other factor that this people find is harassment, today we have the bigest anti-immigration feeling every where from cable news anchor to ( Full Answer )

Is gravity a pushing or pulling force?

The forces of gravity between every two objects attract the objects toward each other. So I guess you'd call that a 'pulling force'.

What is the force of gravity push or pull?

Gravity is a pull (mutual attraction) between masses. All masses in the Universe attract, and are attracted by, all other masses. A relevant example would be how the moon attracts water in the oceans to form high and low tides.

What are push and pull factors of Jordan?

Push factors: Labor forces segregated along ethnic lines environmental disasters Pull factors: Work can be found easily Cheap Labor Helping many refugees

Does aluminum push or pull magnets?

Aluminium is paramagnetic, meaning it is very weakly attracted (pulled) by a magnetic field. This attraction is far too small to detect without sensitive laboratory equipment. In practical, everyday terms, it is essentially neither pushed nor pulled by a magnet to any noticeable degree.

What are the push and pull factors for Vietnam?

These are some possible pull/push factors for Vietnam: Pull- Beautiful architecture, very cheap products (if you immigrate with enough money to buy a home.) Push- very few job options, poverty, communism.

Is it better to pull an object or push it?

depends. for Example: If something is stuck in a tight place you would want to PULL it out. if you were trying to Fit something into a Tight place you might want to give it a Little PUSH!

Is push up a push or pull?

It is a push and a pull. When you move your body towards the ground, it is a pull. A pull as in a pull to the ground. It is a push when you are moving away from the ground.

What is the push of gravity?

Since gravity attracts rather than repels, it would be described as a pull rather than a push. Gravity is one of the four fundamental forces. It is an attractive force between any two objects, proportional to the mass of the two objects and inversely proportional to the square of the distance betw ( Full Answer )

Is the force of a ski lift a push a pull or a pull of gravity?

The uphill journey is a pull; the motors must pull the weight uphill. The downhill journey while of course being influenced by the pull of gravity is simply not enough by itself to power the entire thing. There is no pushing involved.

Why is gravity a pull?

The forces of gravity are always 'attractive' ... pulling massestogether. According to the math that describes the process, the forces ofgravity would push two objects apart if one of them werecomposed of 'negative mass' ... just like one positive electrical charge and one negative chargerepel ea ( Full Answer )

Does gravity pull or push two objects toward each other?

The forces of gravity are always attractive ... pulling massestogether toward each other. The math of gravity says that the gravitational force could pushobjects apart IF one of them had negative mass. But we haven't ever observed anyof that, and we don't actually know what it is.

Were does gravity pull you?

Toward the center of mass of the object or objects attracting you. Gravity also pulls it/them toward the center of mass of you.

Does the Sun's gravity pull or push?

Straight Answer: The force of gravity is attractive. It is only attractive. It has been a matter of deep wonderment by some of the worlds' greatest scientists as to why one only sees gravity as an attractive force. Complex Answer: The above answer really responds to Newton's form of grav ( Full Answer )

How does gravity affect pushing and pulling?

Think of this very common example :- You are pulling a weight on top of an inclined plane(a slope). Youare pulling it uphill i.e. in the upward direction. It is hard todo so because gravity is also pulling it down(By Newton's thirdlaw). This is to counterbalance your applied force. Now you let a b ( Full Answer )