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Yes, Green sea turtles have skin, all sea turtles have thick, leathery skin

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What color is a green sea turtle?

A green sea turtle is green. And if you cook the meat, it is green. That is why it's called a green sea turtle.

What is the difference between a green sea turtle and a leatherback sea turtle?

They are different by the size and the colour of their shell and skin. They are also different from they eat.

Is the green turtle a sea turtle?

yes it is called the green sea turtle There is a species known as the green sea turtle, latin name Chelonia mydas. They are the slowest growing of the sea turtle species due to a diet low in protein. They are characterized by the starburst pattern on the shell and two scales between the eyes. Sadly they are poached for their greenish skin :(

When was Green sea turtle created?

Green sea turtle was created in 1758.

Does the green sea turtle shiver?

does the green sea turtle shiver

What are green sea turtles scales like?

The scales of the Green Sea Turtle on the skin (as like all reptiles) are large, brown and smooth.

Does a sea turtle have scales?

no scales on the skin of the sea turtle.

About how many green sea turtle are there?

There are not much sea turtle

What is the height of the Green Sea Turtle?

The lenght of a green sea turtle is 40-50 inches

What is the scientific name of the green sea turtle?

Chelonia mydas is the scientific name of the green sea turtle.

How far can a green sea turtle grow?

A green sea turtle can grow to 5 ft long

How many species of sea turtle are there?

There are 6 species of sea turtles.green sea turtlehawksbill sea turtleflatback sea turtleloggerhead sea turtleKemp's ridley sea turtleolive ridley sea turtle

Why is a green sea turtle green?

A green sea turtle is called a green sea turtle because it is a herbivore that eats green plants. These green plants contain chlorophyll, the chemical that makes the plant green. The chlorophyll stains the turtle's insides, so the sea turtle is named for it's internal color, not it's external color.

What does the green sea turtle do during the day?

the green sea turtle swims in the sea, in the sometimes its on the sand, eating small leaves

What are all of the different sea turtles?

green sea turtles , leatherback sea turtle ,loggerhead sea turtle, hawksbill sea turtle , kemps ridly sea turtle , and the olive ridly sea turtle

Does a green sea turtle have green blood?

No, as a matter of fact, it is called the green sea turtle because it is the only animal with green body fat.

What is scientific name of the baby green sea turtle?

The scientific name for a Green Sea Turtle is Chelonia Mydas.

What is the life span of a Green Sea Turtle?

Green Sea Turtle can live up to 80 -100 years.

What color is sea turtle what color is sea turle?

a sea turtle is green and it has some blue

What are the names of all the sea turtles?

leatherback loggerhead green sea turtle sea turtle

What is the green sea turtle related to?

Relatives of the green sea turtle are: green, loggerhead, Kemp's ridley, olive ridley, hawksbill, flat-back, and leatherback. Pretty much all turtle and tortoises that exist are related to the green sea turtle in some way :)

Is a green sea turtle an omnivore?

No because the sea turtle only eats plants.

What eat green sea turtles?

The baby green sea turtle is eaten by racoons, seabirds and crabs. The only animal that can eat an adult green sea turtle is a shark.

How much does a green sea turtle weigh?

green sea turtles are known to weigh up to 500 pounds it depends on the type of sea turtle

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