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Yes, it's growing all the time, very slowly because it has three processes to go through before it comes out the scalp. After it is out of the scalp, the hair is considered dead cells.

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How long does your hair grow everyday?

every single hair grows 0.3 everyday, so all your hair grows 30m everyday!

How many inches does your hair grow everyday?

if you black how to make your hair grow each month how to make your hair grow if you black

How many strands of hair grow everyday?

9.5 strands of hair grow each day

Does human hair grow everyday?

Slowly,but yes.

How do you get pubic hair to grow faster?

I shampoo mine everyday :D

What do you put in your hair to make it grow?

Putting your hair in a bun can help your hair grow faster. If you put in a bun everyday, it may help it grow a little more than half an inch each month.

How often do boys grow facial hair on the side of their lips?

Everyday of the week

How often do you apply hair lotion?

Everyday but I wash my hair once a week do my scalp doesn't get clogged up and not grow and have unhealthy hair

Can you make your hair grow in one week?

Your hair is continuously growing everyday. So yes, just not as much as you want.

What is the best shampoo that makes your hair grow?

Pantene and use oil everyday.. makes ur hair stong and silky

Why does hair fall out?

Hair falls out for 2 reasons. #1: everyday 50 or 100 hair fall out EVERYDAY and hair that is weak fall out and new strong hair will grow. #2: It can be of dandruff or any other like you don't eat that much healthy foods. Not a healthy diet

Why it important to check your hair cut?

if you let your hair grow and grow and grow then it can easily get tangled and things from dirt to bugs can get stuck in it, and if you try to brush your hair it will really hurt your scalp and you.Lesson: Always brush your hair! everyday! and cut it once every 2 to 4 months (unless your hair isn't long at all).

If you shave your legs everyday will more hair grow?

shaving or cutting hair does not change the rate at which it grows.Some people also believe that it causes hair to gro back thicker

If your hair is ear length what is a good product to use to make your hair grow shoulder length?

to make your hair grow faster you should keep your hair clean and healthy. if you have nits you should use nit lotion to get rid of them. you should wash and shampoo and condition your hair everyday. you should come your hair twice a day.

How can you get your to grow longer on the sides and the back of your head?

To get your hair to grow longer on the sides and the back of your head, you need to properly take care of it. Don't wash your hair everyday because by washing it you strip essential oils from your scalp.

Is it okay to shave your legs everyday?

no because you will grow a lot hair much quicker and your skin will not remain smooth as ever!

What kind of products are available to aid men with regrowing their hair?

Rogaine has many foam like products which when applied to any part of your body will like the head will help you grow hair faster. This is especially useful for people who are bald and looking to grow some hair fast. Rogaine is clinically proven to grow hair when applied everyday for 4 months.

How do you grow short hair long in a short amount of time?

- dont use heat on hair every day -dont take a shower everyday -take hair,nail,and skin pills/vitamins

Will you lose more hair if you straighten your hair everyday?

Yes but if you condition or use spray everyday then no.

What do you do when a malti poo is mattied?

shave the poor thing! shave the mat out and wait for the hair to grow back keep brushing the hair everyday to nake sure it does not get matted again.

How much does your hair grow in a day?

Your hair does grow a tiny bit everyday. You can't notice it because the growth is to slow. Your hair grows 5 cm every month. what will speed that up is if you get the ends trimed once a month to keep it healthy. Hope this helped. Keep trying!

How long does your hair grow in the summer?

it grows much faster in summer than winter but your hair will grow 1/2 inch every month but everyone is different chek your hair daily and see the changes overnight. your hair will grow everyday but the tiniest bit. speed up the process by getting a trim every six weeks "or" every month or so. plait your hair overnight it will grow much much faster hope i helped :S:S

Can you put protein in your hair everyday?

Yes you can. Your hair can take as much Protein everyday! Thanks Ashlyn

Does zinc help grow your hair?

zinc does not help grow your hair selenium helps grow your hair!

Using the hair iron everyday how can you still get healthier hair?

If you use heat protector and keep your hair healthy and not dry everyday then yes.