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Does hard alcohol expire?

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2007-11-26 08:21:28

instilled spirits, once in the bottle, really don't age. If it's

an unopened bottle, it's still good (but not necessarily better or

worse than when it was bottled).

Liquors have sugars and sometimes flavorings mixed in, and these

WILL age and oxidize over time, especially once opened.

Beer and wine will both age in the bottle (or can). This is

again due more to the other stuff (sugars, hops, tannins, etc.)

than the alcohol. Some styles will age better and more gracefully

than others (some just flat out go stale). Beer will not skunk from

age, it skunks due to exposure to light (particularly UV light).

It's a reaction between the light and the isomerized alpha acids in

the hops that causes this. Darker bottles (i.e. brown) help guard

against this. Miller Brewing uses a hop extract in their beer,

which is why MGD can be sold in a clear bottle without skunking

(unlike Corona).

Any type of alcohol is best stored in a cool, stable

environment. Hot temps can be bad, but large and frequent changes

in the temperature are even worse. Darker places will help with

issues relating to light.

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