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Does having a baby as a teen alter a mother's life?


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July 17, 2007 10:35AM

having a baby alters anyone's life, but being a teen is even harder. they haven't had the chance to "grow up" yet, they're still experiencing their "fun years". Sometimes, they are resentful of the baby later because all their friends are out having fun and they're tied to a baby.
Answer I am a single mother of two boys in Australia. I had my first son when I was sixteen. When I was pregnant things were generally the same until I brought my son home. Then it could take an hour to get ready, I had no money left from my government assistance to do the things that my friends were, my friends all left and lastly I had a little person relying on me for everything. Having a baby does alter you life. You have to be responsible, and grow up quckly. It is a lot harder then being a single unattached teen but I wouldn't change it.