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Does having a big penis hurt the girl?

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Yes it can hurt her if put it in to far

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No.This is bcos it can hurt the girl.

Really, its the opposite. No it doesn't, it turns us off.

She is just having a laugh. Don't answer her or return the question saying is your boobs big !

It depends what he does with it. A penis should not hurt just because it is big. If you ask him to be gentle with you during sex then he should consider your feelings.

Yes.. not only a big penis.. an average penis can hurt as well. It's the breaking of the hymen and the stretching that can cause soreness afterwards!

the bigger the dick the more fun the girl has, and the easer it is for the guy 2 hit her G-Spot! However, having too wide a Penis can hurt a woman. It is better to have a bigger than average penis I'm sure, but not too big

No they all hurt. It's more about hos big the baby is and how long it takes, complications etc.

No... unless she's being raped to the point of severe hemorrhage, having a big penis inside her is not going to kill a woman. She may bleed some, but that's about it.

Having sex make no difference to the size of the penis.

only if you have a small vagina A penis of any average size or larger can hurt you if the operator is not paying attention.

Well, do you have a big penis? If so, they don't want you to TEAR THEM UP.

Well that depends on how big your penis is and how small her butt hole is

It does hurt but if you have the right boy/man it is worth it and it hurts after the first time but after about 3-5 minutes it feels Amazing especially with a big penis..

it has to be at least 10 in tall

That depends. Are you a girl? Then no.

Every girl has a different preference.

i wouldn't say TOO big but still big but you can still have sex but it may hurt the femal more. An average size penis is 6 inches.

It depends. If the girl is a virgin, then it will hurt. The hymen "breaks", and it is very painful. After that, if sex hurts, there's a reason, usually some sort of infection. But sex does not hurt if a penis is big.-besh

it depends how big the willy is - I once had sex with a bloke who had been circumcised and he had a big willy - so yes it did hurt

No relation. You and the girl will only gain enjoyment and pleasure.

About 6-7 inches is quite big but I dunno I'm a girl

7 inch very good for me