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Really, its the opposite. No it doesn't, it turns us off.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-10 03:02:16
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Q: Does having a big penis turn on a girl?
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Does having a big penis hurt the girl?

Yes it can hurt her if put it in to far

What does it mean when a girl asks you if you're penis is big?

She is just having a laugh. Don't answer her or return the question saying is your boobs big !

How big do your penis have to be for a girl to fell it?

About 5in.

How big does your penis grow after having sexual intercores?

Having sex make no difference to the size of the penis.

Do you neend big penis to marry a girl?

If you have a big penis and want to marry a girl it is a bonus because your girl could suck off it for ages and still want more but if you have a samell penis you can still marry a girl but not have as much fun as the dudes with big penises do. :)

What is the importance of having a big penis?

A big penis feels better to women during sex. Up to a point, anyway. There is definitely such a thing as a penis that is TOO big.

How big should your penis be to satisfy a girl?

Every girl has a different preference.

How do you penetrate a virgin girl if penis size is big?


Do only gay men get erections when thinking about HAVING a big penis?

no i do and i have a wife

Does having big feet mean a guy has a big penis?

Nope. All it means is you've got big shoes.

How big should a penis be to satisfy a women?

if the girl screams when you put the penis in you know.,, it doesnt have to huge, but the bigger the better ;)

If you have big hands big feet and in general just most everything on you is big does that mean you will most likely have a large penis?

Nope. The size of those other organs have no correlation to the size of your penis.

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