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Does having a double major affect your financial aid?

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depends on a school, mine acutally does, i have to pay the half, because having double major costs more, that's why, but again, it depends on your school.

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Will adding a second major affect your federal financial assistance?

If you are taking a double major it should have no affect. If you already have a bachelors degree, and now planning to the another degree, then you will not qualify for financial aid assistance.

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It depends on which career you're after but usually anything with a double major will look better.

What are some of the advantages of having a double major in college?

Some advantages to having a double major in college include developing a broader skill set and making oneself more marketable for career opportunities.

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Tackling a double major and a double minor is a heavy course load for college. Law schools will be interested in finding out how you plan to parlay that educational background into a law degree.

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There are two aspects of this which are going to be most important. If you can manage a double major between accounting and education you should find yourself with all the tools you need.

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In order to become a financial planner, you will need to have your Bachelor's Degree. There is no specified major but you may want to major in something that focuses on math and statistics.

How can you do double graduate?

If you are referring to graduating with a double major, then yes you can.

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what major factors affect the integration of multimedia in multimedia presentation

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