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Nope. All it means is you've got big shoes.

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Does big hands and big feet mean a big penis?

These guys are pulling your leg. Scientifically speaking, you can relate the size of one part of the body directly to another. In this case, big hands would mean you have an above average sized penis. I am not sure about the feet.

If you have big hands and feet does that mean you have an big penis?

yes it sometimes can be true if an man has big hands then sometimes they can have an big penis some pepole think its true so dont belive it !!

What is fifonafe?

The saying is that men with big feet have a big penis. But, studies have shown that penis size is not linked to feet size.

How big does your penis grow after having sexual intercores?

Having sex make no difference to the size of the penis.

What does it mean when a girl asks you if you're penis is big?

She is just having a laugh. Don't answer her or return the question saying is your boobs big !

How big is a pig's penis?

The average pig's penis is 1 to 1.5 feet but they can grow to 2.5 feet on rare occasions.

How big should your penis be im 5 feet?

Your height has nothing to do with penis size. Your penis should be the size that it is.

How big is an ocras penis?

The largest measured penis reached 2,4 m (8 feet).

Does having muscle relate to penis size?

kinda of sort of because you want to make sure your body is healthy but just because some one hasbig muscles mean they have a big penisAnother answer: the size of your penis has no relationship whatsoever to any other feature of your body. The size of your feet, hands and nose have nothing to do with the size of your penis. It makes no difference whether you exercise and build up your muscles or not, it will not effect the length of your penis by even one millimetre as the penis is not a muscle.

What does it mean when a guy has big feet?

That it was in his genes to have that size. It is not related to penis size as some think. That is a myth along with hand size etc.

Does having big feet mean you will be tall?

no it does not. there are many cases though where height does correspond to feet size. but then again it all depends on the person

You are 14 and your penis is 6 how big will it get when you are 16?

Difficult to know. The penis, ears, hands, feet and nose do not stop growing.

If your feet are a size ten how big would your penis be?

There is no correlation between shoe size and penis size... That is just a myth.

Does having a big penis mean you have a lot of sperm?

No it does not. A man releases about the same amount of sperm irregardly of penis size. Average amount is 1 tsp. Size does not matter on how many sperm are released.

Do girls worry about having big vagina's?

Sure not!! big vagina's is like big penis! interesting for the sex partner

What is turtle penis mean and look like?

It probably just means a big or thick penis

Is having a big penis a good thing?

No.This is bcos it can hurt the girl.

Does having a big penis hurt the girl?

Yes it can hurt her if put it in to far

Do having big feet changes your height?

Well, if you are tall your feet are big. So, taller is my guess.

Is it true what they say about men with big feet?

i wear a size 18 and i have a big penis so to me yes it true.

What does it mean to have a bigger package sexually speaking?

a big penis. package is slang for penis+balls, (ie "he's got a big package")

What does the word Juwon mean?

a boy with a big penis roscoe

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