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It can, but not always.

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Does uncircumsised gay sex really hurt?

No. circumcision status has no affect on pain regarding gay sex.

How can you have a gay experiment?

you can have a gay experiment by having sex with someone the same sex as you and if you like them ask if they are gay.

Is attraction to muscle gay?

Attraction to having sex with someone of the same sex is gay. Attraction to muscle is an interest in having a healthy lifestyle.

Can about having gay sex my father?

normal to fantasize about gay with dad

How can be decide who is gay and who is stright when two men having sex.?

When two men are having sex together , it's a fair bet that both are gay.

Is it still gay if it's in a 3-way?

I think there's been a misunderstanding. There is no specific type of sex that is known as gay sex, it's just sex. Sex itself can not be gay. The people involved can be gay but you are not gay just because you have sex with the same sex. If you also fall in love with the same sex you are gay. Just having sex can be experimenting.

How did San Jose Mission help or hurt California?

it hurt by having sex

How do you have gay sex by myself?

if your a guy pump your private area up and down with your hand thinking of having gay sex

If your gay do you automatically get aids?

No, you don't get AIDS because you are gay.. You only get AIDS, by having unsafe sex, and anyone straight or gay can have unsafe sex and get AIDS.

Betta fish life cycle?

Sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay lets do it come to ellen wilkinson

Why does gay sex hurt but feels good at the same time?

All sex hurts, to a degree. once it is making you cry and feel a pain, then i dont think that is normal. you might be having problems with it, because it should not "hurt" per say. it can slightly feel uncomfortable pressure, but it is definitely NOT supposed to hurt

Does gay sex hurt for the first time?

no you should try it with your dad tonight

Is anoop menon gay?

Yes, he is a gay....he is having gay sex with Jayasurya and ranjith (Director) Shaji, Bangalore

does sex hurt your body?

Yes it does sex is already painful when you are having it but the after effect is worst for some people but you all might be diffrent

What is positive view of health?

being gay and having sex

How do you test a man who is having gay sex?

It depends on the nature of the test, but in most cases, it's best to wait until after the man is finished having sex.

Is joe mcceldery really gay?

Yes, he loves having sex

Are you gay when you are fornicating?

Fornicating is just an unpleasant word meaning having sex. It depends whom you are fornicating. If the same sex, then, yes, you may be gay. If the opposite sex, then, no, you are probably straight.

I am gay and i would like a possible explanation to why my boyfriend dreams of me and him having sex with other men or just me having sex with other men?

honey its because the thought of you having sex turns him on even if it isn't with him he wants you to have sex!

Does sex feal good or hurt?

Sex always feel good if you are having sex with someone you care about. Sex alway feel bad if you are having sex with someone who can't wait to get ride of you the next day.

Can you get hiv by being gay?

No, you can catch HIV from having unprotected sex with someone who is HIV-positive. This can be straight or gay.

Is it gay to experiment with gay men?

If you like having sex with gay men, then yes, you are gay (or bi.) If you don't like it, then no, you are just experimenting, that's all.

When having gay sex what can the guy touch?

Like heterosexual sex, you can touch anything your partner wants you to touch.

What does Anesha means?

It means you having sex with a guy. It really means gay.

What was the importance of the manga carta?

They were all gay and having sex all day.