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No, because I have large feet and I am only 5'2. My aunt has really large feet (size 12) and she is only 5'4.

2006-08-02 14:54:36
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How do you put correlate in as sentence?

I'm having trouble recognizing your correlate. I'm currently trying to correlate the actions of the various factions in their respective drives toward reaching a peaceful settlement of their hostilities in the region.

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prostate cancer

How can a teenage girl get pregnant?

by having unprotected sex

What are the cause of teenage pregnancy?

Having Sexual Intercourse!

What are the causes of teenage pragnancy?

Having sex when your a teenager and not using protection.

Why are so many teenage pregnancy in your age?

no protection when having sex!!!!

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There is not really one in particular, it depend on the teenager them self, and what problems they might be having at the time.

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You can't get braces with a tooth growing because you need to loose all your milk teeth before having braces. Having a tooth growing may push the brace.

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i like having fun in growing season :)

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Eventually, YES

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Pillow Pets are targeted to younger children, however, there is nothing wrong with a teenage boy having one. They were invented by Jennifer Telfer.

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it is about a girl who is growing up and maturing as her life goes on but she still dreams about being a kid and having an imagination like paradise only she eventually finds out that life has obstacles and once you get around them life can be paradise

Can you move out of your moms house if your 16 an a teenage mom in Illinois?

No. Having a child does not emancipate a minor.

What would you consider Unchristian like for a teenage couples to be doing?

having sex on their moms bed

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Because so many teenagers are having unprotected sex.

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Finding that perfect someone to spend their life forever with. Also having sex.

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Anne wrote in her diary about normal things that teenage girls go through like having a crush.

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The fact is, you can't. Teenage pregnancy wasn't created voluntarily, babies are made daily by teenagers 'having fun', and making the babies they call mistakes. Basically, most babies born to a teenage mother was unplanned, and a complete accident. Teenage pregnancy is always gonna be an issue, but what a shame that is.

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Teenage boys and girls get into all kinds of things. Their hormones go wild. Many of them have been caught having sex in the bathroom.

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Almost 45% of fathers leave there children when they are pregnant because it is to stressful for afather to have to go threw something like that if they were there when there wife was having there child and they don't want you to go through at a teenage age

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It is a program for new old and teen That want question about having babys