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Does having the top jaw over the second jaw make you less attractive to girls?


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August 12, 2008 4:47AM

Well im a girl and i am having the jaw surgery but im sure that it doesnt.. personality is all that matterS!!!! Im only 12 and I have to get 8 teeth out, braces, jaw surgery and retainer! i guess it is all worth it. If your really concious i guess maybe you should try going to an Authordontist and discuss having the surgery! It makes a remarkle differnece! A different approach is to first find out if having an overbite is neither unattractive nor unhealthy. There are plenty of people who have their front teeth built out, for example, to make the upper lip area more open and attractive. The only time an overbite is unattractive is actually if it is so severe that the lower jaw seems to hang oddly or the chin seems so recessive that the face isn't balanced. Healthwise, an overbite is a problem only if it causes a bad bite (malocclusion), teeth grinding, or jaw clenching. Next time you get your dental checkup, just ask the dentist to make sure that your overbite won't cause any problems like these down the road.