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Q: Does having tourette syndrome cause antisocial behavior resulting in legal problems?
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Can you have Asperger's Syndrome and antisocial personality disorder?

They are not the same thing.

Are problem behavior syndrome advocates believe that delinquency is but one of several social problems experienced by at risk youths?


What is XYZ Syndrome?

This is a syndrome for people who have lots of problems!

What are the after effects of Reye Syndrome?

Long-term problems may include behavior problems, attention disorders, mental retardation , blindness, seizures , varying degrees of paralysis, and learning difficulties.

What are the long-term effects of Down syndrome?

There are actually several long-term effects of down syndrome. Some of these things include chronic constipation, vision problems, impulsive behavior, and slow learning.

Did Nicola Tesla have Aspergers Syndrome?

There is nothing in his bibliography to indicate that he had Aspergers' Syndrome. He may have had OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and had a photographic memory. He was also antisocial and very opinionated.

What is the most common condition resulting from nondisjunction in humans?

Down Syndrome

What is habsburgers syndrome?

It's spelled "Asperger's" Syndrome, and it's a brain disorder that affects social behavior.

What problems will a baby being born with fetal syndrome have in a later life?

Many with fetal alcohol syndrome have problems making good decisions.

How long do people with fetal alcohol syndrome live?

Usually they have a normal life span but the most serious cases can bring risks because of behavior problems and poor choices.

What are the health risks of someone with Down syndrome?

Mostly people with Down Syndrome have heart problems. But they could have problems with anyuthing because everyones diffrent.

How young can aspergers syndrome be detected?

My behavior was "bizarre" at 18 months!

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