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Some men are just true, blue gentlemen and pleasant, but if he seems to do it just for you, then yes, he does sound interested in you. If in doubt, ask him out.

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If a boy holds the door for you and the girl says thank you and the boy says your wellcome and looks you in the eye with a smile does he like you?

What would you expect from a straight boy ? That he got angry and told you : Get out of here ! ? Smiles are valid only on a difficult, suffering, hard situation.

What lady liberty holds beside her golden door?

she holds a lamp

Who holds the key to the door on the open door policy?

Uncle Sam

What is the fuel capacity on 2010 jeep wrangler?

2 door holds 18.5 gallons 4 door holds 22.5 gallons

How many gallons of Fuel can a 1996 Ford Explorer Hold?

The 2 door holds 17.5 gallons The 4 door holds 21.0 gallons

Should a man open a car door dor a lady?

Yes. I just got married and my wife is all smiles when I open the car door for her.

Non verbal signals?

Like hugs, smiles, holding the door, joking around, constantly smiling.

What holds a door?

Typically, some sort of hinge, if you're referring to a conventional swinging door.

What is the way to remove the door chime?

Locate the door chime...Locate the 1 bolt that holds the door chime. Pull down the chime.Use a flat screwdriver to release the clip that holds the casing and the plug-in.Remove the plug-in .Now the door chime will not bother you anymore :)

Where is the door chime located on a 2000 Ford Ranger?

The brain that holds the door chime is behind the factory stereo on the left hand side The brain that holds the door chime is behind the factory stereo on the left hand side

What if a guy holds the door for you and stares at you?

He may be trying to be a gentleman.

What do you call the black plastic that holds in the headlights?

Headlight door

How do you replace exterior door handle on a 2001 ford focus?

Remove the door panel.Remove the bolt from the inside of the door that holds the handle on.

Who holds the world record for door-hanging?

maxi wardcantori

When the narrator opens the door and looks out the half expects to find?


What is that part of a f150 front door that holds the door open between the hinges what is the name of it?

It is called a door hinge spring and can be bought at LMC for less than $10.

2003 sorento kia door ajar ring will not go off?

I had the same problem on mine. On the door ,You will need to tighten the three screws that holds the door lock.

Door to door or door-to-door?

It depends on how you are using the words. If you say, "He sold the books door to door" you mean he sold them ffrom door to door. He is then a door-to-door salesman. The hyphens are put in because the words then become a compound adjective, describing the sort of salesman he is. It's the same construction as every day and everyday. If he sold the books every day, then the selling was an everyday event for him.

How big is a 1996 Ford Explorer gas tank?

On a 1996 Ford Explorer the 4 door holds 21 gallons (79.5 liters) and the 2 door holds 17.5 gallons (66.2 liters) according to the owners manual

How do you get passed the lighthouse in soulsilver?

There is a secret door that looks like a window

How do you take off the exterior door handle on a 1986 VW Cabriolet?

Open the door and release the screw that holds the handle. The screw is right above the locking mechanism. You should be looking at the side of the door that is covered by the door jamb when the door is closed.

When the narrator opens the door and looks out he half expects to find?

When the narrator opens the door and looks out, he half expects to find the woman he had loved, who had passed away. "The Raven" is a poem written by Edgar Allan Poe.

A film about the door which opens every time in new place?

The Magic Teleporting Door

How does a walk in bathtub keep the water in?

Most walk in bathtubs have a "door" of sorts that you close once you've walked in. The door latches and holds the water in.

What is the car door part that holds the door open and keeps it from closing on you as you get in?

The hinge or check strap will have the hold open detent.