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== == == == === === * Yes, I would say the relationship could grow. No relationship starts with both partners telling each other that they are in love with them straight away. That comes further down the line. * It's possible, it depends on how long you have been close to this person since the breakup. This person knows you well enough to know whether or not what they want in a girlfriend. Since it appears you are still attracted to each other then don't be "clingy" or mention it a lot. * If someone has told you they love you then I have no idea why you don't think they do love you unless they are using you or have abusive behavior. You can't make someone love you and no one can make you love them. It's love or nothing! If this person treats you well, you get along and have fun together then I'd say it's love. If they are seldom around, you don't feel good about yourself when you are around them then they aren't the person you should be with. Love is about honor, loyalty, being each others best friend, feeling free and comfortable to talk to your mate at any given time about your feelings or problems and it's up to you to decide this. If you don't get any of these things from this person, then it's time for you to move on in order to free yourself up and meet someone else that will appreciate you. It's time to stop the 'childish games' of making each other jealous and either communicate the fact to one another that you want to get back together. * I'm giving a 97% chance that he no longer loves you, but he could possibly still like you. Either that or maybe he thinks you still like him (which it sounds like you do) and he keeps looking at you because he's uncomfortable around you.

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Q: Does he still love me after over a year of not talking to each other but constantly looking at each other and trying to make each other jealous before that he wrote me a love poem and we texted daily?
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