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I have heard from some people that it does but not in all cases. One guy claimed to use it on 3 cars. 2 were fixed, 1 wasn't. I heard it will also gunk up things like water pumps over time so would only use if you are going to junk the car otherwise.

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โˆ™ 2008-01-12 00:25:03
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Q: Does heal a seal work
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Is there an alternative to replacing a head gasket in a Mitsubishi Montero?

Heal-a-seal-google it

What do you get when you heal the miltank in SoulSilver?

A Seal Case, after giving it ten Oran berries.

Where do you get the seal case in soul silver?

You get the seal case from one of the twin sisters in moo moo farm ( north of olivine city ) after you heal the sick miltank.

Where do you get the seal case in pokemon soul silver?

In the MooMoo Farm on Route 38, give the miltanks oran berrys to heal them, and one of the girls will give you a seal case.

How long does it take for Heal Bell to work and what does Heal Bell do?

Heal bell heals all the status problems of Pokemon in the party.

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To get the Seal Case, you need to go to the Miltank farm north of Olivine City and feed the sick Miltank in the barn oran berries until it heals. After you do that, the girl on the right should thank you with the Seal Case. You'll need about five oran berries to feed to the Miltank to heal it.I had to give the Miltank 7 oran berries to heal don't get a seal case you have them on the computerno,you can you just have to heal the milktank and talk to the girl left from him.if you talk to the right you receive some sealsSome dude somewhere dunno havent played

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A rotary seal would be used in mill work. You will need trainign in order to operate a rotary seal.

What glue will work on pool solar blanket?

If this blanket is vinyl as many are then use Aqua Seal or Seal All.

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They don't make anything Liquid in a can that will FIX a rear main seal leak. Time to replace the seal and be done with it.

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Absolutely not.

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18, or if you are younger, you must have a work permit from your school.

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How do you heal the milktank in HeartGold?

What you do is you give the milktank eight Oran berries. Talk to the girl on the left, and she will give you a seal case, plus if you talk to the girl on the right, she will give you a fire seal, a party seal and a flora seal! Plus even better, if you go into the next room, you will be able to get moomoomilk from the man, and from the woman, you will be able to get TM83 -Natural Gift! Good-luck with your game!

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