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What is an example of a sentence using the word audiologist?

My sister is studying to become an audiologist.

Who performs hearing test?


What is a hearing doctor called?


How do you write a sentence on the word audiologist?

The audiologist tested the patient's hearing and shared the results with him.

What is the medical term meaning hearing specialist?

An audiologist is a hearing specialist.

What does an audiologist study?

the earths physical and theoretical reaction. The above answer is wrong. Audiologist study HEARING.

Specialist in the measurement of hearing function?


What is a hearing aid doctor called?

An audiologist

What kind of doctor does a hearing exam?


What word means a professional who evaluates hearing and treats hearing loss?


What is a non medical specialist in hearing?

An audiologist is a trained specialist in hearing who is not a physician.

What is the doctor who gives hearing test called?


What is the name for a doctor who specializes in hearing disorders?


Do speech pathologists fit hearing aids?

No, an audiologist will fit as well as program your hearing aide.

What medical term for specialist who evaluates hearing loss?

The person you go to to get your hearing evaluated is an audiologist.

What is the name for someone or something concerned with hearing or the ear?

An Audiologist.

What is the term used by a professional that deals with hearing loss?


Which of these terms describes a professional who measures the level of a person's hearing?


Which of these terms describes a professional who measures the level of a persons hearing?


What is the medical term meaning study of hearing disorders?

Audiology is the study of hearing disorders, an audiologist is the specialist who studies and treats the disorders.

How do you use audiologist in a sentence?

We understand a basic hearing test does not provide enough diagnostic value. Our testing protocol is highly comprehensive. Our audiologist has over 20 years’ experience in diagnosis. We pay special attention on the underlying causes of hearing loss, such as Meniere’s disease, acoustic neuroma, and Otitis Media Effusion. We provide specialist hearing diagnosis services, such as paediatric hearing test, central auditory processing and tinnitus assessments, as well as speech in noise hearing tests.

How can I find about more about hearing protection?

You can find out more about hearing protection from an audiologist who is a hearing specialist. You can also contact the Health and Safety Department to learn more as well.

What is the medical term meaning specialist in the study of hearing?

A physician who studies hearing is called an auditory specialist. An audiologist is a specialist in the disorders of hearing who is not a physician, but has special training in this area.

Where can I buy hearing aids at a wholesale price?

There are quite a few online retailers that sell wholesale hearing aids. Your local audiologist can also recommend wholesale hearing aid dealers. It is important to buy a hearing aid that meets your level of need and fits you anatomically. The best way to ensure of this is to schedule an appointment with your audiologist. To buy hearing aid batteries at wholesale prices, you will need to sign us as a distributor with any one of the battery suppliers.

What section would you use in the CPT coding book to bill for an audiologist?

Section 1861(ll)(3)of the Social Security Act (the Act) defines "audiology services" as such hearing and balance assessment services furnished by a qualified audiologist as the audiologist is legally authorized to perform under State law (or the State regulatory mechanism provided by State law), as would otherwise by covered if furnished by a physician. In this section, these hearing and balance assessment services are termed "audiology services," regardless of whether they are furnished by an audiologist, physician, nonphysician practitioner (NPP), or hospital.

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