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Does heavy weightlifting bad for baseball skills?

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2011-09-12 23:20:59

That's a double edged sword. I know with base ball players,

especially skills of like pitching, and throwing, a certain range

of motion has to be attained, as well as a certain amount of

strength and power to make the necessary throws and plays you need

to to be a competitor. Big bulky muscles could make the mechanics

of that difficult in some cases however, if you're all natural and

train hard with heavy weights and eat right, you're certainly going

to gain muscle however which could inhibit some flexibility and

range of motion, but it all depends on whether or not you perform a

proper stretching regimen or not. ACSM Guidelines for stretching

are at least twice a week. I would recommend at least 3 times a

week for athletes. Also, if you're continuing your baseball

training while weight training then your skills should develop

along with you're new strength and muscle. If you stopped training

for baseball and weight trained for a few months and then went back

to throwing the ball, it might not turn out so well because you're

body could get used to one thing and not another.

SO...taking all this into account if you stretch properly, and

balance out your weight training with your baseball training, then

your baseball skills shouldn't be hindered at all.

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