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The property is covered by the owners insurance only. If your trailer hit their property, their own insurance must cover it. If your trailer hits your own building, then your insurance will cover it.

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Q: Does home owner insurance cover damage to property that falls from a trailer being towed?
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What insurance covers a boat trailer accident when attached to a car the car insurance or the boat insurance?

If you only have liability your car insurance isn't covering your boat trailer, even full car coverage probably has small fine print limiting coverage to your car. Trailer coverage through your boat insurance provider is more likely to cover it.Additional answerIf your question is regarding the damage caused by the trailer while it was being towed by an automobile, then the answer is yes, the damage caused by the trailer will be covered by the liability. The damage to the trailer would not be covered by the auto policy even if you have collision coverage.If it is regarding the damage to the trailer, it would not. Only if you have a watercraft policy which typically provides coverage for both trailer and watercraft.

Is a work trailer cover by homeowners insurance?

A trailer is not covered under a homeowners policy whether or not it is used for work. You need to purchase a seperate policy to cover this type of property for physical damage coverage. While it is being towed and attached to a vehicle the laibility coverage from the vehicle extends to the trailer so if you back it into someone's car the towing vehicle's liability insurance will pay for the damage done to the other person's car.

Do you need insurance for small utility trailer?

Insurance laws vary by state. In all the states I am aware of the liability would cover the trailer from the vehicle pulling it but physical damage does not. If you do not have a need to cover it for physical damage then no insurance is needed for the trailer. Be aware that it is not covered for damage to the trailer whether being towed or parked in the yard. Hope this helped. For full disclosure, I own and operate a small Independent Insurance Agency and have for the past 22 years. I also worked for a direct writer for the 3 years before that.

Does your full coverage auto insurance cover vehicle in tow as well?

The vehicle being towed has to have physical damage coverage itself in order to be covered for damage. A vehicle towing another vehicle does transfer the liability insurance to the trailer or object it is legally towing but the physical damage done to the object being towed does not transfer.

Does homeowners insurance have coverage resulting from a pet chewing?

No, unless the damage was caused by another person being negligent by letting their pet loose to cause damage to another's property.

Does homeowner insurance cover your wheelchair?

Homeowners insurance covers all your personal property with some limitations. The key to the damage being covered is what is the cause of the damage in the first place. Homeowners insurance does not cover maintenance or intentional act but covers most sudden and accidental events.

Does renters insurance cover property damage due to carpet beetles in the home being rented?

Pests, Insects, fumigation and bug spraying are part of a property owners usual and expected maintenance costs. Homeowners insurance does not cover maintenance.

If a tractor trailer backs into you at a stop sign what happens if you dont have insurance and he admits to being at fault?

Get the driver of the truck to pay for your damage. If he refuses you may have to take legal action.

Is homeowner entitled to any of the insurance check when repairs are being done on a damaged property?

Of course not. Insurance is supposed to put you back to the same position you were in before the damage occurred. Your not "entitled" to make money on a claim. If your property was repaired the contract was fulfilled.

Does auto policy cover damage done when the vehicle towing the utility trailer is damaged?

In dealing with a towed trailer, the liability coverage will extend from the vehicle towing to the trailer being towed but the physical damage coverage does not extend. This means that if you are backing up at a fuel station and the trailer backs into another vehicle then the liability will cover the damage done to the other car that is damaged by the trailer. Any damage done to the trailer itself will not be covered.

Will homeowners insurance cover your lawn mower destroyed in a car trailer accident?

Yes as long as the mower was not being used for a business. Lawn mowers are covered if they are used exclusively for maintenance of the property.

How does commercial property insurance differ from residential property insurance?

Commercial property insurance is often higher because the space in question is being used for a business that may or may not fail. However, residential property insurance applies directly to the resident or owner and is less risky.

Is a landlord or his insurance carrier liable for damage to renter's commercial property loss of wages etc when a pipe freezes and bursts causing water damage to the renter's property?

No one is liable for an act of nature Presumably, The tenant signed a lease agreement. Most landlords specify in the lease agreement that the tenant purchase there own insurance to cover the tenants and the landlords interest in the property being leased. This clarifies for the tenant that they are responsible for their own property as well as liable for any un-repaired damages to the owners property.

What is PLPD auto insurance?

The initials PLPD stand for Public Liability and Property Damage and which is basically the same as bodily injury and property damage (BI and PD) liability coverage. The necessary conception of public charge in terms of auto insurance is it would cover you in the occasion that your car causes damage or passing away to a third party and property damage is if your car costs someone else's assets.In Michigan:This short form of P.L.P.D. is usually used by a human being, regularly from Michigan. When they are stating they have a "bare bones" automobile insurance, though the insurance type it is referring to has been out of date for nearly 30 years in Michigan. In the early 1970s MI changed over to a no-fault scheme with different insurance necessities.

Can the bank repo a trailer when you're not home?

yes, if it's being repossessed, it is the banks property.

A typical homeowner insurance pllicy does not cover the dwelling living expenses while damage to the residence is being repaired personal property within the dwelling or cars in the garage on the prop?


Does PlPD insurance cover replacement costs of a power pole?

PIPD? Please advise if you mean PIP/PD... PD, being property damage to others would pay for damage to a power pole, but only to the limits within the policy.

When should you get home insurance?

Whenever you own a home. * Homeowner's insurance is mandatory while the property is being financed, and always the best option when property is owned outright.

What are the three types of auto insurance that protect you against economic loss due to damage to the property of others and to your car?

Property damage liability coverage provides proection for the damage doen to the proerty of others by your automobile. Collision coverage covers repairs to your vehicle if it sustains damge while being operated. Comprehensive coverage provide for losses other than collision (e.g., theft and hail damage).

If you advise an insurance company about a dead leaning tree but do not remove it and it falls in a storm are you covered for the damage?

You are covered if they did not instruct you to take it down and your insurance is still in force. But, if you read your homeowners policy carefully I am sure you will find that it is your resposnibility to take it down if it poses a threat of property that being said, they could deny a claim. 4lifeguild

Who is responsible for damage to car when being towed by company car?

towing company should have insurance

Who pays your deductible if the other person is at fault in Michigan no fault auto?

No fault insurance refers to injuries, not property damage. Being in a no fault state simply means that your injuries are payed for by your own insurance company regardless of who is at fault in an accident. Fault is still assigned for the purpose of determining who is responsible for property damage. It is always the at-fault party's responsibility for pay for the damage they cause to you. If you are going to have the damage for your car payed for under your collision coverage then you will have to initially pay for your deductible, unless you have broad-form collision. If you do pay your deductible then your insurance company will sue the at-fault party to recover the money that they payed to repair your car, as well as your deductible for you. This process is called subrogation.

What happens when you are sued in civil court for your neighbor being injured on your property?

You call your insurance company

Does homeowner insurance cover roof damage from tree removal?

Why was the tree being removed from the property? Is this something your insurance company wanted done? Did you remove it yourself, or did you have a contractor do it? Answers to those questions could help clarify my answer to you. For now, the only situation I can think of where this would be covered is under the "Falling Objects" peril. If the tree fell into the roof and caused the damage, then that would be covered.

Does a renters policy cover water damage to a rented hotel room caused by a fire sprinkler that failed and the insured is being held liable.?

Not likely, However without knowing what coverage you chose on your policy it's hard to say., In general, property insurance is specific to the property of the insured, it does not cover property belonging to another. You may have some coverage under the liability portion of your policy but you'll need to check with your insurance agent.