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They would not cover the shower, but if the leak was sudden and accidental, they would cover the water damage only. This includes all Plumbing appliance.

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Why should I instal a steam shower in my basement?

Installing a steam shower in the basement is not a good idea. The steam shower should be installed in the nbathroom of your home.

How do you stop a shower running if already turned off?

Turn main water supply off in your basement. Adjust or replace shower shut off knob.

Will insurance cover water damage resulting from a crack in the upstairs shower wall and leaked water downstairs?

This will vary depending on how your policy is written. Some policies will only cover pipes bursting, while others will only cover catastrophic water damage (flooding due to abnormal circumstances). You need to call your insurance agent to find out.

If your basement is flooded can you still take a shower?

Probably best to restrict your water use until you have found out why it is flooded.

What could be the source of a leak into the basement from a enclosed shower?

It could be water leaking down through a crack or badly caulked seam.

The shower drain in a spare bath gurgled when the toliet flushed or the sink water drained When the shower was used it leaked to the ceiling below. Now it does not gurgle -How do we find the leak?

Check you vent stack connection inside the house. Gurgling may have been caused by a clogged vent stack not equalizing the pressure. Now that gurgling has stopped it is getting air. Start your checking there. ----HYPOTESIS The shower drain in a spare bath gurgled when the toliet flushed or the sink water drained When the shower was used it leaked to the ceiling below. Now it does not gurgle -How do we find the leak?

Is the shower pan covered by homeowners insurance?

No, But it might be covered under your home warranty.

What could a dribbling noise be that you hear from the main floor ceiling after flushing the toilet or during the shower if there is no sign of water leakage under the toilet or shower?

If the toilet and shower are in an upper floor then there is a PVC drain for both that will drain to either the sewer or septic. If there is a vertical piece to this, as there is in my basement, then you actually get some dribbling and running sounds from the water 'falling' down that vertical PVC. I get this same noise from the washing machine on the main floor draining down to the basement.

If your shower leaked and caused mold in the wall and wood do you need to report this to your insurance or fix it yourself?

I would keep quiet about it. Depending upon your state or local laws, the insurance company may be required by law to report mold problems to the proper authorities for professional remediation. Assuming the mold is severe, rip everything out right down to the studs. Replace the really bad studs. Replace the floor and sub-floor if you must. Good luck. If you have homeowners insurance, I would call your insurance company and ask if it's covered under your policy. If not, then you will have to DIY.

Why is there a foul odor in your basement after showering?

Most likely answer is due to a damp problem, get the shower waste and piping replaced to the main stack, re-waterproof the shower completely and tile over it mixing the grout with bond it (waterproofing additive)

What is a red sky?

a red sky is signalling a meteor shower.but not just any meteor shower a VERY DEADLY METEOR shower! i suggest that u take cover in a basement or in a bathtub i hope i helped save your life t

Will homeowners insurance cover leaky shower pans?

General answer would be no. My policy specifically excludes water damage from seepage from or around a plumbing fixture such as tub or shower stall.

Is a broken shower door covered by house insurance?

if it is broken by an accidental fall or mishap-possibly-but what is the deductible?

Why would there be great water pressure in an upstairs bath tub and almost no pressure in the adjacent shower when both use the same access pipe from the basement?

Remove the shower head on the shower and see if it is plugged. Run the water with the shower head off and see if the pressure is better. Depending on where you live there may be a water saving feature on the shower head (mandated by law) for water consevation. Low flow shower heads often have a restricter in them. Delta has a brass washer with a very tiny hole in it and Moen has a rubber plug with 3 small holes in it.

What do you do when you come across a tornado?

When you come across a tornado you need to get in your house and got to your basement. If u dont have a basement get in a bathtub farthest from a window, If u only have a shower and dont have a basement, grab a bed mattress go 2 ur lowest floor and lay under the mattress. I have experienced 2 tornadoes in my life, 1 severe and 1 mild. But trust me, this is what works. =D

How do you identify a sewer gas smell in basement bathroom?

Most likely a drain has dried out and there is no water in the trap to stop the gas from coming up. Sink, shower, or main floor drain.

Where does upstairs sink water and shower water drain to?

There is a main drain that runs from the basement through the roof where it is the vent for the system. If you look at the layout of the house, the upstairs bath is most likely over the downstairs one or the kitchen. If you look on the roof, you will see a 4 inch pipe coming through the roof that should be over the upstairs bath. The sink and shower drain into that and then to the basement and out of the house. Most likely the main stack is in the wall behind the toilet.

Can you install a shower in your basement?

This is not recommended but obviously with the right amount of money, plumbing is not impossible. But the average person wont be able to afford the necessary changes so the short answer for most of us will be no. The reason for this is because of the sewer lines. The waste from the shower cant go up without the use of a pump.

How do you tap into cast iron drain pipe for a new shower drain in basement?

By cutting in a cast iron Wye so the flow enters the sewer line (soil pipe) at a right angle

How to hook shower drain into toilet drain?

This must be done before floor is in, or in wood construction, from an unfinished basement ceiling. Shower drain must go through a 'P' trap. then run the pipe to the toilet drain and fit in where an appropriate Tee will fit (4x 1.5 x 4 tee usually.)

How do you change location of sewer pipe in basement for new shower?

Ideally by the use of 45 degree fittings or long radius ells with a clean out installed in every change of direction over 45 deg

What is proper grammar under the shower or in the shower?

'In the shower' would be correct as the world 'shower' does not strictly define the shower head.

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