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Water and coffee spilt on laptop computer is that covered

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Does insurance cover frozen and cracked pipes?

no it doesn't well it depends on how effective is the problem

What type of plumbing pipes does insurance cover?

Insurance companies do not cover plumbing pipes, most insurances will only cover geysers as far as geyers are concerned

Does insurance cover damage caused by bursting pipes?

Heck Yeah UNLESS your policy does not cover it

Does homeowners insurance cover sprinkler system?

Your homeowners insurance should cover damage to your sprinkler system if the cause of the damage is covered by your homeowners insurance policy such as fire, lightning, freezing of pipes, etc. Homeowners insurance is not a maintenance policy and will not cover mechanical failure of your system.

Does homeowners insurance cover busted water pipes?

Typically no. They do not cover the appliance or system from which the water came. If a vehicle hit it or it was vandalized it would be covered.

Will homeowner's mortgage insurance pay for failing drainage pipes under foundation?

Mortgage InsuranceNo, Mortgage Insurance is NOT Homeowners Insurance. Mortgage Insurance does not cover your home at all.Mortgage Insurance covers your finance note, not your home.

Where would I purchase building insurance?

Building insurance is insurance that can cover damages to your building and the costs. This insurance can cover different things such as interior decorations, pipes, drains, etc. If rebuilding your property is necessary it should be covered under the building insurance. You can buy building insurance from most insurance companies. A little research may have to be done to get the best value and the cheapest rate.

Does homeowners insurance cover underground water pipes?

Each insurance company is different, some i know will cover any pipe underground if its located within the footprint of your home, if its outside the home they may cover if its a specific peril such as rupture, if its just old and breaks then no this you will have to pay for. More information is needed to asses your situation

Will homeowners insurance cover the additional cost of the water be covered from a leak?

What? The question does not make sense but nearly all policies cover damage from leaking pipes, unless the pipe was exposed and you knew it was leaking and ignored it.

What metal is used to cover drain pipes?

Most drain pipes are made of copper

Will insurance cover water damage resulting from a crack in the upstairs shower wall and leaked water downstairs?

This will vary depending on how your policy is written. Some policies will only cover pipes bursting, while others will only cover catastrophic water damage (flooding due to abnormal circumstances). You need to call your insurance agent to find out.

Who is responsible if A tree limb fell during a storm uprooted sewer pipes on your property will your insurance cover it?

No one is "Responsible" for an act of nature. However, So Long as you have "Windstorm Coverage' your Homeowners Insurance Policy should cover the damage to your plumbing and may provide coverage for the trees removal. Contact Your Insurance Agent to determine if you have the applicable coverage.

Does business insurance cover busted pipes due to weather?

Normally your insurance (at least in the UK) will only cover the resulting damage of the burst pipe. Generally speaking burst pipes are considered maintenance problems and so the repair to the pipe itself is not covered (although some policies will cover it in some situations). The damage that results from the burst pipe is an "escape of water" and that is a standard peril on most property insurance policies. This means that the damage to the walls or floors which is caused by the water will be covered. The conclusion is that normally the pipe itself is not covered but any resulting damage is, but check your policy to be sure. There is some advice on how to avoid burst pipes, which you might want to take a look at see related link..

Is leaking pipes inside the wall covered in condo insurance?

it varies from state to state. In Florida, the condo associations insurance would cover that as long as the policy was "special form" if it is in "basic form" than the Difference in Condition policy would respond.

Hot tub had water and ice in it is it ruined?

If the pipes weren't cracked from the water freezing and expanding then you could be ok.

What happens if the water level in a pool becomes too high and freezes in winter?

You run the risk of the skimmer area being damaged or cracked as well as water in the pipes freezing and bursting pipes.

Is a small hole in the lining or cover the only plausible explanation for losing water from a covered in-ground swimming pool over the winter?

What about evaporation? Its not uncommon to have a underground pipe cracked, you should have a wet spot in your lawn, the water has to come out somewhere,sometimes it is very hard to keep the pump running though if one of these pipes are cracked or sucking air.

Does homeowner's insurance cover drainage pipes that are 50 years old and need to be replaced?

No, I'm afraid not. Homeowners insurance is for sudden unexpected losses that result from covered perils such as Fire, Wind, Hail, etc. Homeowners insurance never provides coverage for routine expected maintenance issues nor for upgrades.

Does flood insurance pay to repair pipes?

it usually matters what type of insurance u have and what company u r working with

Can you buy insurance for underground sewer pipes?

Yes you can, but it will cost you much much more than the average home insurance policy.Best Option would be to have purchased an HO3 or an Ho5 policy ALL Risk aka, Broad coverage policy. If the damage has already occurred, then it would be too late to switch as it would be considered pre-existing damage under the new policy.

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