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Homeowners policies have an exclusion for 'settling, shrinking, bulging, cracking, ect. of a foundation or wall. You can report the claim and see what your insurance company does, maybe you are on a sinkhole.

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Q: Does homeowners insurance cover a foundation wall caving in if no water or mud is present but cement blocks fall into the basement below ground level?
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How to Repair Your Foundation & Basement?

Fearing exorbitant expenses, many homeowners procrastinate when it comes to foundation and basement problems, such as bowed walls, cracked walls, leaks, mold and even odors. Since the problems aren’t in the primary living space, it’s easy to take an out of sight, out of mind approach. However, these minor problems are often signs of a structural compromise, and present costs will be small compared to the heavy costs awaiting the homeowner if there is indeed a structural issue. Homeowners should be aware that all worthwhile foundation and basement repair services offer free estimates. Even if the homeowner cannot afford to act immediately, they can take advantage of several estimates in order to know rather than surmise the issue they are facing. If the issue is immediate, there may be government programs of which the homeowner can take advantage. One of the most common problems that homeowners face is the wet basement. Often what happens is the basement floods or becomes damp, and then dries on its own. The homeowner then makes the convenient assumption that since the basement has dried that everything is all right. However, even in the best circumstances, the event has introduced moisture to the structure. Whenever there is moisture present, it is only a matter of time before mold begins to grow and unpleasant odors emerge. In these cases, the homeowner can take some preventive steps if they are able to identify the source of the water. Is the water rolling down the walls of the basement? This is a common occurrence, and it indicates that water is collecting at ground level at the foundation. Many times the homeowners can rectify this situation themselves by regularly maintaining the gutters and downspouts. In all other cases, the homeowner will require an expert’s opinion. For example, another common cause of wet basements is the build-up of hydrostatic pressure pushing the water into the home. The non-professional cannot easily identify or remedy this situation. Contrary to what many homeowners believe, common basement services, such as drying and sealing, are not expensive procedures. The prices do rise substantially when the service must install drains and pumps. However, in many cases, the homeowner’s insurance policy often covers the cost of these services and equipments.

What To Do When Your Basement Needs Repair?

As any home owner will tell you, the basement is one of the most difficult parts of a home to keep in shape. Most basements will incur some sort of major damage at some point during the homeowner’s stay, and most basement repairs are not easy to make. They’re also often some of the costliest home repairs that must be addressed, and while some brave homeowners will attempt to fix the problem in do-it-yourself fashion, most end up having basement repair projects handled by professionals. Common basement repair issues include leaks, flood damage, cracks in the basement floor, crumbling walls, and in older houses, the presence of carcinogenic substances such as radon and asbestos. Many people choose to use the basement as a way to create additional rooms in the home, while others use it for storage or to set up a laundry room area that isn’t visible to guests. Remodeling your basement can be an expensive proposition, especially if basement repair issues present themselves, like rebuilding basement stairs, removing mold and mildew, and making sure the area is well-insulated. Before embarking on any major basement repair or renovation, it is important to have your basement inspected and tested. If you knew there were any major issues with the basement when purchasing the home, then addressing those problems should be an immediate priority. If your basement has never been tested for harmful substances or has issues with insect infestations or mice, it will save you time and money to have your basement professionally evaluated before making any major renovations or repairs. Hiring a professional contractor to waterproof your basement and make repairs to the foundation is not a cheap investment, but often the best choice. Having these issues addressed and repaired by a professional will ensure a safe and happy living environment, and also greatly increase the worth of your property, should you ever make the choice to sell the home. It’s also especially important not to avoid your basement repair issues, as sometimes, small issues very easily become large, expensive problems for homeowners. Keeping your basement safe and in good condition is one of the best things a homeowner can do.

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Is homeowner liable for hidden liability. Present owner of property bought home. Manhole was cemented over by previous owner causing a blockage in sewer line shared by neighbors. Is homeowner liable?

NO, you would not be liable for an unknown, undisclosed, pre-existing condition as described. Neither homeowners insurance company would likely consider the situation a covered peril under the terms of a home insurance policy. This seems to be a maintenance issue that would need to be addressed by the individual homeowners. It would be advisable that the homeowners contact a plumbing service and have a separate sewage access main installed on each homes property to facilitate future maintenance.

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Water can enter a basement by leaking out of water supply lines, either the hot or cold lines, or the supply line. Water can also enter a basement from leaking drain plumbing. Water can also seep into the basement through the walls or the floor, too. A number of water sources from outside could cause this. If a wall is cracked, rains could provide the water that might leak in. So could watering plants outside (because of your own watering, or perhaps a close neighbor's). It is possible that the water table is very near the surface in the location where the house is, and water from there could leak in. Water entering a basement only has a few ways to get in, and either it leaks from plumbing, or it enters when water is present outside along the foundation, or when water rises in the water table and finds a fault in the integrity of the basement walls or floor.

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