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If the renter bought their own renters policy, his insurance would cover the claim. Because you are renting out the home you should not have a standard home owners policy. Call and check with the Claims department of your insurance co and ask the question.

2006-08-30 05:55:09
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Does homeowners insurance cover bodily injury to the owner from an accident within the residence?

No it does not.

Does homeowners insurance cover bodily injury to the remaining owner from a homicide committed within the residence?

No. Homeowners insurance is "Property Insurance" it does not provide coverage for personal injury to the insured. You should look to your medical insurance for coverage applicable to bodily injury and your life insurance policy for compensation for loss of life.

Can you make an insurance claim and someone else make a homeowner insurance claim after an injury that required medical attention occurs at their home?

It can be filed under the homeowners insurance as long as the person injury was not injuries in their own home. Homeowners insurance does not cover medical injuries for someone who lives in the house where the injury occurs.

I was hurt on someones property. Can I sue their homeowners insurance?

Technically, you do not sue the insurance company. You sue the homeowner on the basis of what the owner may have done to cause the injury. The insurance company is there simply to pay the damages awarded to you by the jury.

Does homeowners' liability insurance cover personal injury on another property?

No, your Homeowners Insurance will not. Your Medical Insurance Will.

Can the medical bills of someone injured on your property be covered by homeowners insurance?

They could be in some cases depending on how and why they were injured and what the relationship and residence status is to he named insured. Your homeowners medical coverage is specific to the named insured(s). Generally this is the home owner and resident family members. If someone else was injured on your property due to the insureds direct actions or through the insureds negligence for which you could be held liable then such an injury would be covered under the liability portion of your homeowners insurance policy. Bear in mind though that a homeowner is not automatically liable for an injury on the property simply because you own it. The injury would first have to be demonstrated as the fault of the insured, otherwise the homeowner is not liable.

Does homeowners insurance cover bodily injury to owner from an accident outside residence?

Homeowners Insurance is "Property" insurance not health insurance, it is not designed to replace medical or health coverage. You would need to review your policy language or contact Insurance Agent to determine if any coverage is available under your property insurance policy.

Can homeowners insurance be sued for an injury resulting from a criminal assault?

Homeowners Insurance can not be sued due to a criminal assault.

Does homeowners insurance cover personal injury that occurred outside the home?

No, Homeowners Insurance does not provide personal injury coverage away from the home. You should file an accidental injury claim with your Health / medical Insurance provider.

Does homeowners cover injuried guest?

It would depend on whether or not you are liable for the injury. Homeowners insurance is not a viable replacement for medical insurance.

Does homeowners insurance cover bodily injury if ex husband comes on property and shoots boyfriend?

No, That's what your boyfriends major medical insurance policy is for. Your homeowners insurance nor you are liable for injury due to criminal acts.

Does homeowners insurance cover bodily injury to someone living in the home?


Does homeowners insurance cover lawnmower accidents?

No, Personal injury would be covered under your Medical Insurance.

Does homeowners' insurance cover a personal injury claim from another property owned?

No. Your homeowners will only cover personal injury if it occurs on the property listed on the policy.

Can a person sue a homeowner after suing the home insurance company for the same accident?

Generally No. If you have already sued the Home Insurance Company, then you have already sued by default the Homeowner. You can not have sued one without already having sued the other. If a property owner is liable to you for an accidental injury, The home owner may have insurance to cover those liabilities. The insurance company would not be the cause of an accident. If you sue an insured homeowner, their insurance company is only enjoined in the suit by virtue of the coverage provided to their insured home owner who has been sued. The homeowners insurance company may cover the cost of defense of the suit filed against the insured homeowner and may pay awards or judgments up to the limits of the homeowners insurance policy on behalf of that insured homeowner. Bear in mind that the Insurance Company is not liable for an accident, The insurance company may be liable for damages and awards based on assertions and finding of liability on the part of the insured homeowner. If your suit failed (or you Lost the suit), Then that means the homeowner was found not liable for your injuries. If you have accepted a settlement from the insurance company, that settlement will have settled your claims against the homeowner.

Does homeowners insurance cover bodily injury to my mother from an accident within the residence?

Not unless you are somehow liable for your mothers injuries. Accidents happen everywhere, in the home, in the park, at church and on the sidewalks. Your moms existing medical insurance will see to her health needs.

Does homeowners insurance cover any costs towards injury of the homeowner on their own property?

Homeowners insurance is "Property Coverage". Most home insurance policies only have 500 dollars medical coverage for the named insured which covers minor house hold injuries in and around the house. Some home insurance policies have no medical coverage at all since it's "property insurance". Your home insurance policy does not and can not replace your major medical or health insurance policy. Medical insurance and property insurance are two very different kinds of insurance.

Does homeowners insurance cover a bat bite to a visitor?

This type of injury is best covered under ones own medical insurance policy. Unless the bat was a pet scheduled for coverage under your homeowners insurance policy and barring some negligence on the part of the home owner, it is doubtful the homeowner would be liable for such an injury. It's not much different from being bitten by a snake while walking down a sidewalk, most people are generally not in a position to be legally liable for the acts of unowned wild animals.

Does homeowners insurance pay if a guest gets hurt?

Normally, a physical injury is covered by an individuals major medical policy. If your guest sues you for an injury, your home liability insurance will provide legal defense cost to defend you in court. If in a final judgment you are determined to be financially liable for the injury then your homeowners insurance policy would respond and pay damages up to the specified limits of your policy.

Does homeowner insurance cover injury to a person who rents an apartment on your property that is a single family property?

You should refer to your homeowners policy, liability section. Many policies may have an exclusion for 'tenants' who are injured on the residence premises. Normally, non-trespassers are covered for injury that may occur on your property. Med pay coverage provides medical expense for injured parties. For a serious injury the liability section will consider your negligence (responsibility) for the injury and may or may not provide coverage for the injured person.

Does homeowners' insurance usual cover the cost of any personal injury settlements if someone trips on my front steps?

"Homeowners' insurance often covers personal injury settlements if someone trips on your stairs. Because the amount vary, you should check your policy to see how much coverage you have."

Does homeowners' liability insurance cover a personal injury claim from another property?

Not if the injury occurred away from the home No. And also not if any crime was involved.

Does homeowners insurance cover pets for injury?

No, homeowners covers the dwelling. Some policies offer Liability and Medical payments coverage, but only if a guest is injured on the insured property.

Is it bad to put personal injury on homeowners insurance?

Physical Injuries are best covered under your medical or health insurance plan. The coverage is usually much broader.

Does homeowners insurance cover an injury caused by a guest?

It depends on your specific policy. In order to find out if your policy covers an injury caused by a guest, please contact the company that your policy is with.