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Homeowners Insurance and Tree RemovalYou will need to contact your insurer or refer to your policy language for coverage advice. It really just depends on the type of policy or coverage you have.

If you purchased a more economic HOA or HO1 Policy then likely there will be no coverage for tree removal unless the tree fell on top of your house in which case it would cover it.

HOB Homeowners policies also known as an HO2. May or may not have coverage for Tree and Debris removal depending on the endorsements or exclusions it may carry. Again, unless the tree fell on the house.

An HOC Homeowners policy also known as an HO3 or an "All Risk Policy", Will usually have the coverage for tree and debris removal.

I don't know of any homeowners policy that would cover damage to a road without a specific endorsement for it. There is no HO1 coverage for trees due to wind...either for their value or to cut & haul them off, UNLESS they land on covered property such as your house, fence, detached garage, or any other covered structure on the insured premises. Then, there is normally a limited $$ amount to pick the tree up off the covered property (in order to repair the covered property), cut & haul it off. A paved driveway is usually considered a "structure"....if a tree falls on it & cracks it, there may be coverage.

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Q: Does homeowners insurance cover damage to a private road leading to the house or removal of trees felled by a hurricane?
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