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I've had a similar issue - I was told to make my neighbour personally liable for any damage and subsequently they can make the claim asked the personal liability section of their house insurance. Thus their house insurance settling my claim for damages

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Does homeowners insurance cover the cost of cleanup after an unattended death?

No. Your Homeowners insurance is "Property" insurance. It covers property damages caused by certain covered Perils such as Fire, Wind, Hail, Lightning, Fire etc. You will not find coverage on your Home Insurance Policy for death or related expenses.

Does a neighbors insurance have to pay you for fire damage to your property caused by your neighbor?

If your neighbor is liable through negligence for causing fire damage to your property you could file a claim on the liability portion of your neighbors insurance policy. If he caused the fire intentionally then his insurance company would not pay for damages as criminal acts are not covered.

Will homeowners insurance cover cost of electric company work on adjoining property caused by downed tree on covered property?

Yes. But the electrical company's insurance co should cover it if they are at fault.

Does homeowners insurance cover damage to your neighbor's property caused by construction on your property?

Actually, This is covered under your Contractors General Liability Insurance. If your contracting builder does not have insurance, you need to get rid of him, and find another contractor immediately.

Will your homeowners insurance cover damage to your neighbors property caused by fire damage?

Generally no. The only time that your homeowners policy will cover property of anyone else is if you are legally liable for the damages. For instance if you started a fire on purpose for some reasonable need that got away from you and they neighbor demanded payment. In this case you turn it over to your insurance company which will decide how to proceed. You liability section provides coverage for damages and they will provide legal defense in addition to the liability coverage if necessary. I will caution you that liaiblity claims will make you typhoid Mary to insurance companies and you will not have luck getting or keeping homeowners insurance.

Does homeowners insurance cover fire damage caused by a visitor?

Yes, Homeowners insurance typically does provide coverage for losses that result from an accidental fire.

Will homeowners insurance cover damage to personal vehicles at the home caused by someone else?

Homeowners insurance covers what is inside the home. Check your auto insurance for auto damages.

Is scabies covered on homeowners insurance?

Of course not. Scabies is a skin condition caused by a type of mite. There is not way that this would be covered under a homeowners insurance policy

Does homeowner insurance cover damage caused by rodents?

Generally, homeowners insurance policies exclude property damage that is caused by rodents (vermin). This type of damage may occur over a long period of time and not meet the definition of "sudden" loss.

What is homeowners insurance?

Homeowners need insurance protection in the event of damage to their property. That's basically what homeowners insurance offers: financial protection in case disaster strikes. In the US, basic coverage (also called "Form 1", or "H1") will insure your house against damage from fire and lightening. If you want more protection you'll need to purchase broader coverage.Homeowners insurance is a package policy. This means that it covers both damage to your property and your liability or legal responsibility for any injuries and property damage you or members of your family cause to other people. This includes damage caused by household pets.

Will homeowners insurance cover a cracked foundation caused by an earthquake?

Only if you have earthquake coverage. A regular homeowners policy excludes damage caused by ground movement or earthquakes.

Whose insurance pays for fire caused by neighbors house fire?

Your homeowners insurance will pay. Whether or not the subrogate to the neighbors coverage is up to them. You may also want to consider a Public Adjuster, who is on your side in this mess. He can help you press your claim and get the maximum you have coming. The average settlement is 42% higher when Public Adjuster is engaged!

If the neighbors tree fell on your house during a hurricane took out the fence and damaged your roof of your house does their homeowners insurance cover the damage?

NO. Your neighbor is not liable for an act of nature that fells a tree. Your homeowners insurance will fix the damage to your property and the neighbors insurance would fix damage to the neighbors property. It does not matter who the tree belonged to.AnswerMaybe. It doesn't hurt to try if your neighbor will tell you who they are insured with. They are not obligated to do so. AnswerI'm not really sure. However, I do have a friend and his neighbor's house actually fell on top of his, but they considered it still standing and didn't give the full amount of the house's worth. AnswerYour own homeowner's insurance should cover this. If they think the neighbor is responsible, they will collect from his insurance company. In a hurricane a tree could have come from the next county - then how would you know whose tree it was? It depends on your state's laws, but most would consider this an act of nature and you are responsible for the damage caused by your neighbors tree. Call your insurance company, if you have a storm damage rider, this will most likely be covered.

Does homeowners insurance have coverage resulting from a pet chewing?

No, unless the damage was caused by another person being negligent by letting their pet loose to cause damage to another's property.

Does homeowners insurance cover a fireplace falling through the floor?

Homeowners insurance covers many things, but not faulty construction or damage caused by deferred maintenance. You will have to check with your insurance company to see if the problem and its cause are covered.

Does homeowners insurance cover damage to your neighbor's property caused by fire?

Usually your policy will have a section covering your liability as a homeowner. This may cover the neighbour. Check your policy ask your insurer

Does homeowners insurance cover damaged garage doors?

It depends on how the damage was caused. It must have been caused by a "covered cause".

Will homeowners Insurance cover medical expenses to others caused by your pet?

Not likely. Most homeowners insurance policies these days automatically exclude coverage for injuries or damages resulting from pet ownership.

Is back up within a septic system covered by homeowners insurance?

Probably not. Usually a septic system backup is caused by a maintenance issue and not by a covered cause that would be covered on your homeowners insurance.

Will AAA homeowners insurance policy cover overflow of water from sink?

No. This is not a covered cause under a homeowners policy. This is something that was caused by the homeowners neglect which is not covered under the terms of the policy.

Will homeowners insurance cover damaged the foundation settling caused by drought?

No. Movement of earth is specifically excluded by homeowners insurance. This is the fault of the builder for not compacting the earth properly and providing the proper foundation. Home insurance was not made to cover such.

Is being sued for your home covered by insurance?

It depends on why your being sued. If your homeowners insurance covers the act that caused the suit, then you should have legal defense costs coverage if you purchased liability insurance with your homeowners insurance policy. If you did not purchase liability coverage then your insurance company will not defend you.

Does homeowners insurance cover water damage to walls and floors if caused by woodpeckers?

Probably not. Homeowners usually do not pay for damage caused by pets, wear and tear nor common maintenance issues.

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