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Cold water, being the closest to freezing point, will obviously freeze the fastest. Hot water will freeze the second fastest, and salt water barely ever freezes, except in very cold conditions.

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which water will freeze faster? cold water with salt or hot water with salt????

Water will freeze faster than salt water.

Salt water will freeze faster because salt soaks in heat, making the water colder faster

The warmer water is, the longer it takes to freeze. Likewise, adding salt lowers the freezing point, making it longer to freeze.

no salt water does not freeze faster than sugar.

Salt water freezes faster.

Salt lowers the temperature at which water freezes which would cause the ice to melt.

Salt water does not freeze faster than regular water... When salt is put in water, it stops the water from freezing, and it needs to be colder than usual.

Pure water freezes faster than water with impurities. If tap water has a lesser concentration of impurities than salt water the tap water will freeze faster. Some municipalities who have petroleum products in the tap water will likely freeze after the salt water.

Salt water does not freeze faster than pure water, and it freezes at a lower temperature. Salt is a form of anti-freeze, which is why it is put on roads in the winter, to help melt the snow.

Hotter water drop in temperature faster than cold water but the cold water will freeze first. The salty water comes last.

Salt because water especially hot water will make it freeze faster.

Fresh water freezes faster than salt water, yes.

It doesn't. Tap water freezes faster than salt water.

Salt does not make water freeze slower. However, if it was ice, the salt would melt the ice.

salt dissolve faster in hot water

Salt in both cases, and hot faster than cold water.

sciencefair.comSalt water freezes at a lower temperature. Therefore pure water would freeze faster.

Sugar water freezes faster than salt water. However, regular tap water will freeze faster than either salt, or sugar water.

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