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Ice floats in the water because of its lesser density.

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Do ice cubes in water float or sink?

They float, as ice is less dense than water.

Does ice float or sink in water why?

it floats beacause there is water in it

Does ice float or sink?

ice cubes, iceburgs. do they float or sink and that might answer your question

Why ice cubes sink?

They shouldn't, ice cubes should float if they are only ice (water).

Does ice sink or float in water?

Ice floats in water. For an explanation, see the related question below.

Can ice sink in water?

Not really. Ice is less dense than water so it'll float

How do you make ice sink?

Ice can't sink hunny :) It is less dense then water (density= 1.0) and therefore, it can only float, not ever sink.

Does ice sink or float in hot water?

It floats until it melts.

Would ice float or sink?

Ice floats because it is less dense than water.

Why does ice float rather then sink?

because its less denser than water

Does an ice cube in water float or sink?

It floats. Try it and you'll see

Does the dry ice float or sink in water?

It sinks. Thanks for using Answers.com!

Will low density sink or float?

Floats. (ex. ice in water: ice is less dense than liquid water, ice floats)

Why do ice float in water and sink in alchohal?

Ice is made out of H2O which is water and ice is expanded water making it lighter than what water really is while alcohol cannot be frozen at 0 degrees celcius, ice will not float in alcohol.

Why do ice cubes sink in water?

They don't, ice cubes float in water. Unlike most substances the solid form of water is less dense than its liquid form causing it to float.

How do things sink in water than it float in water and how does it sink or float?

It has to do with how dense things are. If it is equal to or less dense than water, it will float. If it is greater, it will sink.

Do clothes float or sink?

it will float as long as it is not fully covered water.

Why is it important to an organism that ice floats?

If ice doesn't float, there will be no north pole. All ice dropped onto water will sink.

Why does ice float?

It is less dense than liquid water

What liquid can ice sink in?

Vegetable oil? == == Any liquid that float over the water will make the ice sink if placed on it.Kerosene, gasoline, and some oils.

Will scoria float or sink in water?

scoria will sink but pumice will float.

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