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Approx.5-6 days after ovualtion, the fertilized egg will implant into the wall of the uterus. This causes light bleeding/spoting for 1-3 days, the bleeding will be much lighter than a period.

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How much blood and how red is implantation blood and how soon does it happen then after implantation is it normal to experience some bearable pain?

Only approximately 1 in 3 women experience "implantation bleeding", which is no more than light spotting. There should be no pain involved since the implantation of the fertilized egg is in the accumulated blood lining in the uterus which has no nerves.

Can you have implantation blood and not be pregnant?

If you have implantation bleeding then yes you are pregnant.

Does there have to be implantation blood present to be pregnant?

No. Not everyone experiences implantation bleeding.

What is the color of implantation blood?

Implantation bleeding is usually discharge tinged with blood or pinkish in colour. Some women also experience brown bleeding during implantation.

What is the difference between implantation bleeding and mentrual period?

During implantation bleeding, it is only a little spot of blood or a few little spots. You only need a pantyliner for it, not a tampon or sanitary towel. It only lasts for a day

Is it possible that since you only bleed when you pee its a sign of implantation bleeding its heavy but dont need a pad or tampon?

If you only have blood in your urine, that's more likely to be a UTI. If you only have blood that's noticeable when you wipe, it could be implantation bleeding (rare) or ovulation bleeding (more common).

Is it normal to get blood clots during implantation bleeding?

No. Usually implantation bleeding is a bright red to brown drops of blood. No clots.

Hi is blood in discharge only happened once in a day that's all is this Implantation bleeding?

yes it is

What does implantation of the egg mean?

Implantation means that the egg inbeds itself into the blood lining of the uterus.

Do you pass clots with implantation bleeding?

can you pass little tiny blood clots during implantation

When you have implantation bleeding can it be heavy with blood clots?


What about implantation bleeding?

Hello. Implantation bleeding is not experienced by all women. It is not as common as many would think. Here is the facts about Implantation bleeding. * Implantation bleeding occurs 6-14 days after conception has taken place. * Implantation bleeding feels like period cramping when its experienced along with the bleeding. * Implantation bleeding is light bleeding, spotting of blood in underwear, streaks of blood on tissue paper or a blood coloured discharge in your underwear. * Implantation bleeding lasts for a few hours to 2/3 days. It rarely lasts over 4 days. * Implantation bleeding can also be spotting of brown blood which is known as old blood. I hope the above has helped you. Please recommend me if I have helped you. Good luck.

Can implantation blood be red?

yes, It can be red or brown.

Could brownish discharge for 4 days and one spot of blood be implantation?

Yes; it could be implantation bleeding. Do a test.

Can you have implantation without bleeding?

Yes you can,only about a third or pregnant women have implantation bleeding.

Does implantation bleeding have an odor?

no it dont only a normal period will have a odor not a implantation bleeding

Does period blood and implantation blood smell the same?

i would imagine so as they both come from the vagina. and it is still the wall of the vagina coming away however it is a smaller amount with implantation

What does it mean when you go to the bathroom and you bleed like your on your period but then it stops and it only happens that one time?

You might be pregnant, the blood may be from implantation.

What does cardiovascular system consist of?

heart blood vessels blood

Does blood consist of blood cells suspended in plasma?


Could you have implantation bleeding during ovulation?

yes my gf had implantation two days of was pink blood and then brown for two days

What does your cervical mucus look like after implantation?

Creamy with. A mixer of blood

Implantation bleeding a month after missed period?

No. If you are pregnant and having bleeding you should see your doctor. Implantation bleeding only occurs during implantation not a month after.

Your last period was the 25th and it is now the 16th of the following month and you are cramping and bleeding do you think this is your period or implantation bleeding?

What does implantation bleeding look like? Implantation bleeding is vaginal discharge which usually contains a small amount of pinkish or brownish blood. Only about a third of pregnant women experience implantation bleeding. When does implantation bleeding usually occur? It can happen at the time the fertilized egg implants in the uterus, on average between 6 to 12 days past ovulation. So implantation bleeding is not really bleeding but spotting you experience it only when you wipe or a thin sanitary pad would be enough...If it is really bleeding and the colour of the blood is red or reddish it is your period I am afraid. The best would be to take a test or see a doctor...

What consist of the heart blood vessels and blood?

The cardiovascular system consists of the heart, blood and blood vessels.

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