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Teens can suffer from insomnia. The body will get the sleep it needs. The question of death would only arise if somebody was actively preventing you from sleeping and managed to keep you awake for several days and nights.


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Yes it is. It is called "Fatal Familial Insomnia". It is a very rare genetic disorder. So far, only about 100 families carry the gene. More information can be found here:

Psychophysiological insomnia is excessive worrying about whether or not a person will be able to fall asleep, which creates so much anxiety that the person's bedtime rituals and behavior trigger insomnia.

People get insomnia becuase they are so exicted or worried about something they can't sleep. It can aslo be caused by a sleep disorder.

"Stress and depression can cause insomnia. These things will cause your mind to race and your body to stay at an accelerated rate so that you can not relax and fall asleep, creating insomnia."

No. You may have insomnia AND be pregnant, but there are so many causes of insomnia that it is not a sign of pregnancy.

Anything fatal by definition kills you. So no.

His wounds were so bad they were fatal. He died.

No, when urine is excreted from the body, it is sanitary. So therefore, it wouldn't be fatal to drink it, nasty, but not fatal.

It's ironic, but one of the chief causes of insomnia is actually insomnia itself, or rather, the stress and anxiety attached to insomnia. Studies have shown that what really keeps you up during a bout with insomnia is that thought running through your head: "Why can't I get to sleep!" So one of the easiest ways to beat insomnia is to ignore it. Read a book, do some doodling, watch a movie, and stop worrying.

A fatal flaw is a kind of mistake that is very dangerous. A flaw is a mistake, and fatal means very dangerous, so a fatal flaw is a terrible and dangerous mistake.

my opinun on that is that they have facebook and that is there why of communacating so just let teens be teens

They bite and are poisonous but its not fatal for humans. Swelling , pain, and redness most likely will occur. Australlia has a wolf spider that is more dangerous. So ya

no it is not fatal. Just feel free to get your blood tested at regular intervals, when you have some symptoms of it. There is a definite treatment for it. So chill, it isn't fatal

no he is not gay so there he goes with one of the saturdays lots of teens love so much (girl teens)

why are so many teens in college on aderall to focus or is it just an addiction

Many teens use it and seem to be happy with the results. So, yes.

its like poison if you put this on someone they could die so dont try it!Fatal means that you can die from it; e.g. some poison is fatal.causes death

what the heck is insominia??????????????? thats not even a word! and how can you get it from puberty ~ x ~ Gotta love how people are so nice! Anyways I don't think so. In fact I have insomnia, and it started way before puberty.

It has the capability of finding most current trending books so teens would be able to read them, so yes.

If they didn't then they wouldn't be called "fatal" exactly dont be so dumb

I am taking 1,000 mg of metformin twice a day for a week and also have insomnia... do a research and found many people with this situation. So, probably the answer is yes.

Well, with frequent lack of sleep, students can have trouble focusing, concentrating, or remembering educational information. So insomnia can cause the performance of students to decrease.

well... teens get their period at certain times.. so you never know

yes they are but i am not so sure about pre teens

imvu is a game for only teens so be carful kids

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