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Generally it is not. If plastic surgery is required to do something to help aid a ailment then it might be covered. However, for cosmetic purposes, Plastic Surgery is not covered by your insurance.

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Q: Does insurance cover plastic surgery
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Does health insurance cover implants after a lumpectomy?

Yes, it would cover reconstructive plastic surgery-just not "elective" plastic surgery.

Does private insurance cover plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery may be covered by some kinds of insurance, but not all. General health insurance will typically not cover it, but some private plans may. Check your policy to see if it is or is not covered.

Are there any insurance companies that will cover gastric bypass surgery?

Gastric bypass is becoming a surgery that more and more insurance plans cover. I would suggest research many different insurance companies in your area. she is sure to find one that will cover the surgery.

Do all kids insurance cover cosmetic surgery?


Will your insurance pay the eye surgery cost?

Many insurances do cover the cost of eye surgery. But what is comes down to is what kind of insurance that you have. Some insurances cover everything and others have stipulations as to what they cover and what they will not cover.

Where can I find more info on bariatric surgery insurance?

There is no separate insurance for bariatric surgery, but many health insurance plans cover bariatric surgery for patients that meet their qualification requirements. If you have insurance, check with your insurer to see if they cover this procedure. If you are shopping for insurance, ask if this procedure is covered.

Does insurance ever cover cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery isn't covered under most medical insurance policies. Usually, in order for an insurance company to cover cosmetic surgery, it needs to be considered "medically necessary". For example, if you need reconstructive surgery, your insurance company will cover it only if it was due to an accident or certain illness (like breast cancer).

Is face lift surgery covered by most insurance?

No. Insurance companies do not cover "elective procedures". Elective procedures are those that are done for the patient's wants, not his or her needs/health. Face lifts, plastic surgery, preventative medicine, and diets are almost never covered by medical insurance.

Does insurance cover some if not all of the cost to get your tubes untied?

Many insurance companies will not cover tubal surgery unless there is a risk of fatality. To get tubes untied is usually considered an optional surgery and insurance companies might not pay for this type of surgery, but each company is different in what they cover.

Where can I find more information on gastric bypass insurance?

If you have private insurance, find out if they will cover this surgery, if you don't have private insurance, and want to purchase some, you need to find out how much of the surgery would they cover and is it going to cost you more for the insurance or just pay for the surgery out of pocket.

Where can one get a plastic surgery for ears?

An otoplasty, which is the medical term for plastic surgery for ears can be done by any plastic surgeon. You can call your insurance company to find plastic surgeons in your area.

Is there anyway to get laser eye surgery covered by insurance?

If you eye is damaged in an accident then insurance will cover the surgery. That is the only way for it not to be a prexisting condition.

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