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If it is the result of a fire, the homeowners insurance should definitely cover it. But if it is something like a fire in a chimney flue, maybe not. That is considered routine maintenance. If it isn't done a claim might not be valid. Perhaps you can find some information in your homeowners policy or contact your insurance provider.

If it's the result of a smoker living in the home, meaning you have nicotine and smoke stains from cigarette smoking, then no, that would not be covered.

It should be covered, no problem. There are many companies out there who specialize in taking care of smoke damage to furniture, clothing, etc.

If the smoke damage is from something sudden and accidental then yes it should be covered. If it's from cigarettes then no, it's not covered.

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Q: Does insurance cover smoke damage?
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Most policies will cover fire/smoke damage caused by any event other than arson. If the fire was accidental in nature more than likely your insurance company will cover the damage to your home. Call your company and report the claim. If the company does not cover the damage contact an attorney in your local area who specializes in first party insurance law. He/she will be able to help you.

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