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nope..marijuana is illegal in India

but yea keep smoking ! :)

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Does one have to pay insurance on a medical marijiuana card?

A medical marijuana card is given to a patient through their medical provider. The doctor is covered under the patient's insurance as is the marijuana since it is considered a prescribed medication.

Does Medicare pay for medical marijuana?

Will medicare pay for marijuana where legal

Does military insurance pay for medical marijuana?

No I seriously doubt it. It isn't a state insurance..Its more national. California is the only state where its only a slight possibility it can work.

Will medicaid pay for your medical medical marijuana?

No. Marijuana is still illegal under federal law, so a federal program isn't going to pay for it.

Do you have to pay state taxes on medical insurance in the state of Washington?

do you have to pay taxes on medical insurance in the state of Washington

Will medical insurance pay for IVF?

Some insurance plans pay for IVF, and others do not.

Do medical insurance companies pay for wheel chairs?

Yes medical insurance will pay for a wheel chair. However, they will only pay for your wheelchair if you have a qualifying medical need for a wheel chair.

What is medical marijuana and how do you get it?

Medical marijuana is marijuana used for medicinal purposes. To get it LEGALLY you must live in a state with medical marijuana, and you also must qualify. If you qualify you generally go to a doctor, pay a fee for a card, and you are on your way.

If you pay medical insurance from your paycheck and go out on maternity leave are you required to pay your employer the medical insurance as you would if you are working?

Yes, failure to pay will result in termination of your insurance. If you don't pay for any of the insurance, the insurance cancel will reverse the payments they made to the hospital and doctors and you will have to pay full-price for the childbirth and subsequent care.

Does Insurance pay for marriage counseling?

Medical insurance will not pay for marriage counseling, as there is no medical dianostic code for treatment and marriage counseling is not considered "medically necessary." There must be a medical diagnosis identified for any treatment to be covered by insurance (same as with medical conditions).

Do you have to pay the medical bill if you have 2 insurances?

YOu have to pay the balance of what the insurance companies do not pay.

Will your medical insurance cover you in an auto accident?

Yes it should, but the auto insurance company may have to pay the medical insurance after the claim is paid.

What is Medical Insurance Premiums?

The price one would pay for Health Insurance.

How much does a medical marijuana provider earn?

A Medical Marijuana Provider only make enough to pay his expenses. (Power, Water, Fertalizers, Employees etc.)

If marijuana is medical why does my medicare medicade pay for meds and medical vaporizing inittially being medication?

Marijuana is used medically to make drugs such as cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol.

Can insurance co-pay be tax deductible?

If you are referring to a MEDICAL/HOSPITALIZATION insurance co-pay, yes, that is deductible as a medical expense. And on property/casualty insurance, it may be deductible as a casualty loss.

Do car insurance give you the money to medical bills?

If you have medical payments in your insurance. Liability only does not pay medical benefits. And the medical bills have to be the result of an auto accident.

What are some medical insurance costs that self employed people have to pay?

You're going to have to pay for all of your medical costs if you're self employed, since you don't have an employer to pay your insurance for you. You're going to want to provide yourself with good medical (health) and dental insurance, and life insurance isn't a bad idea either.

Can Medical Insurance pay for braces twice?

As long as there is a demonstrated medical need, yes.

Does insurance pay for travel vaccinations?

Yes some Travel Insurance Plans will pay for the coverage, if your company has a International Travel Insurance Program along with your regular Medical Insurance.

What if a hospital doesn't pay for child after born?

Hospitals don't pay for the birth of babies. The medical costs are paid by individuals, insurance, medical entitlements for low income families, etc.Hospitals don't pay for the birth of babies. The medical costs are paid by individuals, insurance, medical entitlements for low income families, etc.Hospitals don't pay for the birth of babies. The medical costs are paid by individuals, insurance, medical entitlements for low income families, etc.Hospitals don't pay for the birth of babies. The medical costs are paid by individuals, insurance, medical entitlements for low income families, etc.

Does state farm pay me as the policy holder for medical if i hit a tree?

They will pay the provider of medical care who bills them for the medical care provided. Your health insurance will not pay any amounts until they have proof that your medical insurance on your auto policy has paid and been exhausted. Also, it is illegal to double collect for any costs relating to any kind of insurance except for life insurance.

How do you apply for a medical marijuana card?

To get a medical marijuana card, you need a recommendation for medical marijuana from a doctor. Then for states that have card programs, you fill out an application and pay a fee with your county and you get a card. If you're in CA, you can get a card at MMEC when you get your doctor's recommendation: http://www.marijuanamedicine.com

Will medical pay for a reversal on a tubal ligation?

More than likely the insurance will not pay for it.

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