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it can cost $1,000 but thereare free lawyers out there for that kind of stuff. rinanix at

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Q: Does it cost money to get emancipated?
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Can a 16 year old be emancipated?

Yes you can you just have to go to court but it cost a lot money to get emancipated I am 17 and wanted to get emancipated but I don't have the money and my parents wont pay for it so I am just going to have to wait another year.

Can a emancipated child receive money from a deceased parents life insurance?

An emancipated child is considered an adult. They are entitled to receive any benefits assigned to them. If they are not emancipated, the money will go into a trust for them.

How much does emancipation in Missouri cost?

How much does it cost to get emancipated in missouri?

How much does it cost to get emancipated in Mississippi?

The state does not recognize the right of minors to be emancipated and therefore does not have grounds nor procedures for the act.

How can a pregnant 16 year old be emancipated to live on her own?

By asking the court but you have to have a job and support yourself and live on your own already. Trust me, no court will find it better for you to be emancipated at 16 with a baby. It also takes almost a year and cost money in court.

What does it cost for a minor to be emancipated?

depends on the court venue. (location)

Is it illegal if your parents are keeping your own money from you if your over age?

You must be emancipated (21 years old) to apply for the management of your money. Being emancipated you will able to drive your own life.

Can you get emancipated and get money given to you by your parents?

No. An emancipated minor is required to support themselves through gainful employment and not by their parents or public assistance.

If you get emancipated and your father passed away and left you a large sum in the estate will you still be able to get the money after becoming emancipated?

Yes. Being emancipated and being a devisee or legatee in a will are totally separate issues.

How much does it cost to get emancipated in citrus county Florida?

If you are not using an attorney, it does not cost much at all to get emancipated in Citrus County. You will just have to pay the fling fee for the documents and that price varies per county.

Can you become emancipated and THEN move to California if you are 14 and live in Florida?

If you are emancipated, your parents really can control this decision or the money that you will spend on it. So, yeah I think that if you can afford it, your emancipated and you have an idea of a place to stay, sure. you can.

Do you get money if you get emancipated?

No. You are emancipated when you can prove that you are capable of acting, and being treated as an adult. You need to have all the normal adult things, like income, before it will happen.

Can you get emancipated with out parental consent?

Yes, you can get emancipated without parental consent. You cannot do it without notifying the parents. And the judge is likely to listen to their opinion about letting you go off on your own. And remember that if you are emancipated, your parents don't have to provide you with anything in the way of money or support.

If you get emancipated how much money will you need for schooling an apartment and food?

As much as your job pays you.

How much money would it cost for a 16 year old girl to be emancipated in Alabama and what is the process she would have to go through to be emancipated?

I'm sorry but you are too young. The age of majority in Alabama is 19 years old. You can only apply for emancipation if you are 18 years old. Read more in the link below.

How much will it cost to get emancipated?

Call an attorney or a place called Legal Aid and they may do it for nothing.

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Does it cost money to have a estore account?

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How old can you be to be able to move out of your parents' home?

18 or if you are legally emancipated. It is vary hard to receive emancipated. I tried to get emancipated when I was 15 and they said I had to have a full time job, and apartment, and money in savings. I don't remember all the requirements. But I turned 18 before I met them all.

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How old do you have to be in Tennessee to get emancipated?

how can i get emancipated?