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Does it cost money to partner with YouTube?


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no! if you are a YouTube partner then you get paid for making YouTube Videos!

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no! if you are a YouTube partner you get paid for making videos

no! if you are a partner then you get paid for making YouTube videos!

Follow the directions for "partner" on YouTube, and yes; you may even make money.

Many people ask me, "Does it cost money to have Youtube," Or,"Does it cost money to run a group on Youtube?" Well, the answer is NO. If it did, most people wouldn't have Youtube. Hope that answer helped you. :)

No, becoming a partner on YouTube does not require any sort of payment (it's supposed to be Google paying you when you become a partner). The only people who really pay to have things played on YouTube are the advertisers, who deposit an amount of money to have an advertisement campaign on YouTube.

If you are a partner you get paid depending on the number of views your videos get.

No, Youtube does not provide you with that big of a amount of money. But, if you happen to be a Youtube Partner, you will receive a certain sum of money to a PayPal account.

Not at all. Youtube is absolutely free.

You could become a youtube partner or you could just advertise for bigger companies.

Youtube is 100% free. Watching videos does not cost money.

No it does not cost any money to join youtube and their are no hidden fees...

does it cost money to download music on youtube

no it does not cost money because i just made one and i have not paid yet

No, YouTube is perfectly 100% free.

a partner on youtube is someone who you mak your video with or who watches your video the most on youtube.

NO WAY! Youtube is totally free! If it did cost money, it probably wouldn't be very popular.

You can make money with youtube by using youtube adsense partner or by putting affiliate links to your video desription and when somebody click the adsense ad or affiliate link you get paid a commision.

Yes, you can sign up/subscribe to youtube for free.

Yes copyrighted movies cost money.

No, YouTube on iTouch does not cost money. There is an 'app' that is already on the iTouch that allows you to access YouTube easily, but if that is not working, just go onto 'Safari' and type in and that will take you there cost-free. I hope this helped to answer your question.

No, Youtube makes money from throwing advertisements in the beginning or end of their videos, and if they charged for Youtube, a lot less people would use it.

Yes. By Becoming a YouTube Partner, Popular YouTubers can Make a Small to Moderate Amount of Money. For More Information, GO to

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