Does it cost money to play android apps games?

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Yeah only if you buy the paid version of the game, almost every game of android offers two different versions lite (free) & pro (Paid). It depends on you which one you download. In their paid versions you can enjoy more addictive features with some modifications.
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Do ipod touch apps cost money?

They do and they don't cost money. There is a free app section in iTunes and the App Store where you can download apps free of charge. There is also a Paid-for app section where you have go pay to get the app.

What games can you play with Jumigamer app?

Since JumiGamer emulate the Joystick (Game Controller) to the driver level, you can play ANY PC GAME THAT WORKS WITH A JOYSTICK. JumiGamer also includes mouse and keyboard (also driven by low level drivers) which gives superior performance over other apps with this nature. The drivers are designed f ( Full Answer )

Do apps cost money every month?

No, apps do not cost money every month. You only have to pay the price once, and then that it is it. No app has a monthly service charge.

Do apps cost money?

not all of them but MOST of them sadly, you just need an apple account.

How do you get Android apps on your Android?

Tradus mobile appsto experience the India's largest market place, manage all yourshopping activity on mobile anywhere. Shop by category and gethighest discount on mobile apps shopping with

Can you play PC games on android?

Yeah one can play PC games on Android device whether its tablet PC or a smartphone but natively only if the game company has also developed an android app for the game like SHIFT version of NEED FOR SPEED is available on android market but not every game.. However apps do exicte that allow you to s ( Full Answer )

Can you play android games on Mac?

Android games require the Android system which is not available for the Mac. There are Android emulators but they are primarily for developers to create Android software on a Mac rather than an end user product.

Is there an emulator to play DS games on Android?

The Nintendo DS has two screens, as is its namesake, and thus is extremely difficult to emulate on devices which have small screens. Additionally, DS games tend to have small UI elements which are difficult to accurately operate on the capacitive digitizers used in modern Android phones. There was ( Full Answer )

Does it cost money to play games for video game companies?

Many times major video game corporations will have "testers" or people qualified in video game testing that are paid to come to a facility and just play video games for a living. Other people can go to events where games are shown for the first time and pay to play the game on the company owned sys ( Full Answer )

How do you get apps on android?

You can download and install apps through Google's Play Store, which offers the largest collection of Android apps available. The Play Store comes pre-installed on all licensed Android devices and can be accessed via the Play Store app on the device or through the website on any browser. You can rem ( Full Answer )

How do you get apps that cost money?

You go to the app store on your iPod, iPad, iPhone and look up any apps then it will charge it to your itunes account! I hope this helps you!

Does the handcent app cost money to text?

i just got the app! and if u download it and u have unlimited texting its free. but i dont have unlimited so im not sure if it will cost me money :( hope that kinda helped :)

Do you have to be connected to the internet to play android games?

Not necessary. For example, "Duck killer" is a popular android game on Google Play. You can play it offline. The high score will be saved locally. After you login leaderboard, you local high score then will be submitted to it. Check it @ ( Full Answer )

Does updating apps cost money?

No updating your iPod touch or iPhone doesn't cost money.just go to the app store and click updates at the bottom strip of things.

What are Android apps?

Android apps are applications designed to run on your Android device, not an Apple device. These apps include games, music, business, video, and more.

How much cost to Develop Android apps?

It depends. If you learn how to code it's free. You only have to pay a onetime $15,- fee to get it in the Android market, but you can also choose to share the .apk file for free on the internet. If you want to get it developed by an external company, you have to check with some company's yourself ( Full Answer )

How do you play stardom the a list app for android?

To play Stardom: The A-List app for Android, you download it from the Android Market or Google Play Store. This is dependent on what handset you have and whether or not the app is actually available on your phone model yet. Search for it if it is not on the homepage. When you have found it, click in ( Full Answer )

Does fake android can play android games?

It depends on what you mean, if you mean a Chinese unbranded device then the answer is yes as long as the hardware supports gaming. For example some games runs on Flash and if it is installed then you can play games, also some games requires hardware such as the Dell Streak 7 tablet where the Teg ( Full Answer )

How do you download games on to android emulator app?

There are various emulators available. Some come with the software you are using and automatically upload your files to view in an emulator (Adobe Dreamweaver for instance.) If not, you need to download and emulator that accepts the code you've written it in and upload the files or APK.

Can you return apps that cost money?

yes because on my phone you can have a refund within 15 mins when you bought the app but i don't have an i phone, i pod or any thing that starts with i but you should be able to return it but not for full price it depends how long you've kept it

What is an android app?

That refers to an application created for mobile devices that use the Android operating system.

Can Kindle Fire play android apps?

yes you can play android app on a kindle fire but you have to root it first. go to youtube and look up rooting a kindle fire. It will give you all the steps on how to root it then you'll be able to access the android app store and the amazon app store through your kindle fire it also works if you ha ( Full Answer )

How do you transfer android apps from Google play to your android?

i assume you are trying to install from the web (pc) to your phone. as long as your phone has your gmail account info in it and you are logged into website (google play) from pc then an install link will appear when you browse apps in the market. just click install and it will open another window ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to get game apps on a android with no wifi?

if you have an android phone then you can use google play to download apps thru your phones internet connection (3g/4g) if no service thru provider and no wifi then you can download the apps directly from web (.apk files) on pc and transfer to phone/tablet with usb cable connection. apktop . c ( Full Answer )

Does the game wizard 101 cost money to play?

Wizard101 is free to play, but if you want to continue on with thegame past the, "free," point you will either need to pay bymembership or buy crowns (the currency of Wizard101)

How do you convert a PC game to an app for android?

You must have the wrong idea because it is not something you could do with a copyrighted product if you had the capability. If the game is also available as an app you must get the app

How do you play mind games on android?

Mind game? You mean puzzle game? You can try "Beetle and Eggs" that is revised from popular puzzle game, Sokoban,

What are some fun games to play on androids?

if you like shoot game, try "Duck Killer": if you like puzzle game, try "Beetle and Eggs": ( Full Answer )

Could androids play games?

Of course. There are tons of games that you can play on Android. You can download free games from Google Play, such as the popular free game, "Duck Killer":

What is difference between the android app and android game app?

Android apps include various software applications that run on Android OS, such as photo processing app, "Blur Face" ( Android game apps, include various kinds of games, such as shoot games: ( Full Answer )

How do you know when an app costs money?

well on the app store if you go under free it won't cost a thing but if you go under paid then you have to pay and you will find theses buttons on the top of the screen...

How can you earn quick money on the game sims free play on the Android tablet?

umm i have tried gardening a lot a whole lot. i also do things like completing quests but i dont have enough money to complete this one can earn lp by completing quests also.u can earn both lp and simoleons by having your dog (eirther gotten by the store or it appeared in ur yard) dig. pra ( Full Answer )

Do free apps cost money?

No; that's why they are called "free" apps. Some are truly free. Some use ads to cover the cost of the app. If you want to get rid of the ads, you have to pay for an "upgrade". And some apps cost money and do not have a free version.

How do you install play store apps in android?

To install a play store app, you simply just: search for the appyou would like to download, and tap "install." Before you install,check the compatibility with your version of android, as some appsdo not support older versions of android.

How you play android apps in laptop?

Android is almost everywhere. You can now find Android in phones,tablets, hybrid devices, wearable devices such as watches, homeappliances and soon the OS will be a part of cars too. We testedseveral different ways to run Android apps on PCs, but only one appwas able to perform reliably - Bluestacks ( Full Answer )

What is the best health app available on android play store?

Superdoc - Ask a Doctor Online | Consult Doctors One of the Best android app that allows anyone to Consult Doctorson chat for free! Use & Benefits of using the Superdoc App : This app and itsteam care a lot about patient privacy. Your information will neverbe shared with anyone. The doctor ( Full Answer )