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Never put gas in a diesel car. And never put diesel in a gas car. An engine is built to handle one and not the other.

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Q: Does it help to put regular gas into your car when you put diesel in it?
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Does the Mercedes run diesel or regular gas?

I believe Mercedes run off regular gas, it could possibly be the name of the car but not the type of gas it runs off of. To find out if it does or not visit the nearest car dealership that sells a Mercedes Diesel and ask about it.

Is a mustang diesel or regular gas?

regular gas

What happens if you put diesel oil in a petrol car?

Putting diesel into a car made to take regular gas is a very bad idea. Diesel can really mess up a car's fuel system, resulting in the need for expensive repairs.

Is a 2012 Mustang diesel or regular gas?

the 2012 mustang will run on regular gas

How to Find the Best Diesel Car for You?

There are a number of different diesel cars out there, and the type of diesel car you get will be thoroughly dependent on where you live. For example, some diesel cars can get extraordinary gas mileage, but they run off a water cooling system. In places that see the temperature drop below freezing on a regular basis, this type of diesel car may not be the best diesel car for you.

What kind of gas is in my car?

diesel fuel is in your car!

Can you convert diesel fuel to regular unleaded gas?


What problems could you have if you add regular gas to a diesel engine?

It could seriously damage the pipes and tubes inside your engine. This will result in your car failing to start and you will have to go to a garage to get the gas emptied out of your car.

Does a gasoline or diesel car give better gas mileage?


If a gas attendant puts regular fuel in a diesel car and the engine blows who has to pay for it the owner of the car the owner of the gas station or the gas station attendant?

I will be the manager but the manager could punish the attendant or if she or he is nice, will forgive the employer.

Is diesel more efficient than regular gas?

Diesel takes longer to burn than gas so, accordingly diesel is more fuel efficient.

Can a gas car used a diesel fuel?