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This is a good question, because homeowners have some serious decisions to make about their other debt when they are unable to make the mortgage payment. There are a number of considerations here, though, and it can be difficult to determine what the best use of that money will be. It is not always best to pay off credit cards at the expense of putting away savings or trying to work out a solution with the mortgage company.

First of all, the owners need to decide if they are willing and able to save the house or not, because this will help them put their money through the best channels. If they are unable to stop foreclosure at all, then it might just be best to keep paying off the other personal debt, such as credit cards and student loans. It will not keep their credit score as high as it was before they started missing mortgage payments, but it may prevent even more drastic decreases in their scores.

But if they do wish to keep their home, the homeowners need to examine a few different options for doing so. Especially in terms of qualifying for a mortgage modification or foreclosure refinance, there is a fine line to walk between paying down other debt and establishing a savings account to use in paying down the mortgage to qualify for the workout plan.

In terms of paying down or off the personal loans, this can free up extra monthly income that the homeowners would be able to use once they qualify for a repayment plan or other solution. Banks do not want homeowners spending more than 50% of their total income on debt payments including the mortgage, so they will not approve a solution if the homeowners still have a large debt load. Using some of the money not being paid to the mortgage company to pay off credit cards can free up a significant amount of the owners' incomes.

This would also help if the homeowners were considering a bailout loan from a foreclosure lender. With the high interest rates that most of these lenders charge, it is important for the homeowners to have as much of their income as they can to dedicate to the monthly housing payment. Paying 29% on a credit card and 14% on a foreclosure bailout loan means that there will need to be enough income for the banks to decide to give the homeowners another chance.

But on the other hand, even though paying down other debt can improve the owners' credit scores and help them qualify for a solution to foreclosure, they also need to consider their savings accounts. The original lender may require several thousand dollars to start a forbearance agreement or modification, and the homeowners may not have this available if they have been focusing on paying down credit cards. As well, foreclosure loan sources may not be willing to lend the owners as much as is needed to pay off the mortgage in full, so they will be required to use savings to pay of part of the mortgage at closing. This also requires the owners to have enough savings to complete the loan.

In the end, the decision whether to pay down personal debt deserves careful attention by homeowners facing foreclosure. Although it can help preserve their credit scores, they may need extra funds if they have any plans to stop foreclosure and keep the house. If they are not able to save their home, then it may be best just to pay off debts as quickly as possible to make a clean break; but if they wish to prevent the house from being lost, they need to weigh the benefits of paying down debt to the disadvantages of having less money in savings to qualify for a plan.

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Q: Does it help your credit to pay off your credit cards if you are forced into foreclosure?
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There are various companies that have special credit cards to help you build your credit. Most companies offer secured credit cards, that would be your best bet to build your credit rating.

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can i as a senior citizen get a grant to help free me of the debt i have including credit cards and mortgage?????????

Can I get a credit card for my bad credit?

If you need to get credit cards to help repair your credit, try secured credit cards. Many banks offer secured cards like Wells Fargo and Citi. You can also try store cards but be sure you pay them off each month.

Does it help your credit to have credit cards from department stores?

One of the factors that makes up your credit score is credit diversification. This means having a variety of different types of credit. Four different types you can have is mortgage loans, car loans, credit cards, and department store cards. So having a department store card that reports to the credit bureaus will help your credit.

Do student credit cards help college students build up their credit and prepare for their future?

Yes and no, as all credit cards will help build their credit score but at the same time if they do not pay their credit bills it can hurt their credit score and diminish the amount of credit that banks will allow them. So, if they pay on time then yes it can help them build credit and prepare them for their future.

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be a man confess what they did and accept the consecuences no one forced them to fraud the credit companies

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Can you file bankruptcy to stop a foreclosure if your name is not on the mortgage?

No, sorry, that wouldn't help a bit, and just damage your credit score.

Can someone help me compare credit cards so that I can make a choice?

You can compare credit cards to fit your needs by using You can enter in your credit score, your history, and many other options that will help them match you to a card that will fit your needs. You might also find that the best credit cards are those for stores or through your own bank.

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College students can apply for credit cards. There are credit cards specifically made for students with lower interest rates to help you get started on building your credit. Ask your college for any recommendations because credit card companies often approach colleges to promote their cards.

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No. Debit cards have no connection to credit.

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In order to repair bad credit one should first of all obtain a credit card. The way that you use this credit card will help to illustrate your trustworthiness and help increase your credit rating. You should not send in multiple applications for credit cards and should not use cards which advertise their willingness to accept those with bad credit.