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I haven't heard of a case where a hermaphrodite got hurt when I got kicked in the balls.

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โˆ™ 2010-10-14 02:51:04
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Q: Does it hurt a hermaphrodite when you get kicked in the testicles?
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If a baby boy is born without testicles a hermaphrodite or can he develop testicles later?

Only a doctor can determine that, a hermaphrodite has both sex organs of both male and female.

How come when your kicked in the testicles it takes a few seconds to hurt?

The message needs to be taken to the brain and then brought back first.

If a boy is born without testicles is he a hermaphrodite?

No because he doesn't have a vagina.

Why does it hurt when you get kicked in the Balles?

it has about half the amount of nerve endings as in the female clitoris. so yeah it hurts. considering the clitoris has more nerve endings than the penis or testicles. it would hurt alot. it hurts as much as being kicked in the vulva. the vulva ahs the same amount of nerve endings as the testicles.

What are some reasons that a 12 year old boys testicles hurt?

its the start of a boy turning into a man, and don't hit them or get them kicked!

Is Nicole kidman a hermaphrodite?

Yes she is, her testicles were removed before reaching puberty,

What do you do when you get hit in the testicles?


What causes pain in testicles during puberty?

getting kicked there

Do male hermaphrodite have testicles?

If you're talking about a "male" Hermaphrodite, then yes. if "female" no. However if you're talking about an Intersex (BOTH sex organs work) then also yes.

Can you still have kids if you get kicked in the testicles?

i depends on how hard the kick was and how many times you've been kicked i guess.

What happens when someone don't have a testicles?

depends on if that someone has a penis or not. if that someone has a penis but no testicles then they are most likey a hermaphrodite; Person with both female and male sex organs

Whenever i get kicked in the balls and i have a erection it doesn't hurt much why?

Why are you getting kicked while you have an erection? Everyone experiences pain at a different level. If you are being kicked repeatedly, perhaps they have become damaged and desensitized. When you get an erection, the testicles tend to pull up tighter to the body, perhaps this protects them some.

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