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Does it hurt very bad when a wrestler is beaten with a steel chair or hammer or ladder?


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To a point, yeah. Try gentlly hitting yourself, in the same spot over and over, and eventually it does hurt, whether it's a fist, or an object, of any kind. You can tain yourself, to aborb a lot of punishment, but getting hit over and over will take it's toll on you. yes


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The mic,backstage ,kicks,punches,chair shots,some deaths , some weapon hits, and some wrestling moves are fake. But try falling from a 10 foot ladder to concrete and it does hurt. The falls , some moves, some deaths, some weapon hits,and submission holds are painful. Examples:Real: Ladder falls, puttin thru tables, ddt,suplex,powerbomb, all dives, stf,walls of Jericho (sometimes),ankle lock(if you really twist the foot), Owen harts death,Eddie guerreros death,Samoan straps, tables. Examples:fake: BEARERS DEATH,big boss mans death,chair shots, sledge hammer,pedigree,spear,and clothesline from hell

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I understood that it was designed and made by the Amish from maple. They are renowned for their innivative designs of multiple-use pieces of furniture and equipment,

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