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It doesn't hurt anything although sometimes it is kind of hard to get it started again after you have put some fuel in the tank.

Good Tip: You should always put in at least 2 gallons, minimum, to be sure enough gets to the engine to let it start.

Be warned though that too much grinding of the starter without the engine starting may quickly run down the car's battery, so you may then need to get a pair of jump leads to be able to start the engine from another car's battery!

Failure of the starter motor itself - from excessive grinding - is fairly unusual, unless it is a very old starter motor...

Running out of gas on cars with electric fuel pumps can cause damage to the fuel pump since it is cooled and lubricated by the fuel passing through it.

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2011-03-26 10:41:24
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Q: Does it hurt your car to run out of gas?
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