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No, but if you shave your pubic hair you can get ingrown hairs that can get infected. It is nothing too serious though, it is just kind of like having a pimple. They go away on their own. Cutting your pubic hairs though will not harm you or your vaginal area. if u dont shave ur pubic hairs down their and u have ur period all of ur hair down their gets clumped together and it really hurts, plus it smells even worse

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โˆ™ 2008-12-31 04:26:50
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Q: Does it infect your vagina if you cut pubic hairs?
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How do you cut your pubic hairs?

just like you shave any thing else....

Did cassey cut her hair?

Yesss She Cut Her Vagina hairs Cus Shes To Natural And Likes everything hairy

Can you get chlamydia if you have a cut on your finger?

Chlamydia does not infect wounds. It infects mucous membranes, like the vagina, urethra, and anus.

Does Islam permit to cut the pubic hair?

You have to for your sallah to be selected...Removing pubic hair is one of the parts of the fitrah (natural disposition). The Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu alayhi WA sallam) has said:"The fitrah consists of five things: circumcision, trimming the moustache, cutting the nails, plucking the armpit hairs and shaving the pubic hairs"(Al-Bukhari and Muslim.)

How do people get over the fact that they get bullied?

Somekids go into therapy because of their lack of self esteem. Bullying depresses kids and they cut themselves and their pubic hairs(;

Can girls cut pubic hair?

Yes, anyone can cut their pubic hair if they want to. Many women will trim their pubic hair to keep it neat.

Why do girls cut their pubic hair?

First of all it helps to keep the vagina clean and mostly during periods, most men prefer having intercourse with a woman who has shaved pubic hair, it is considered sexy by the woman herself and/or her partner, it helps to keep the pubic area dry either from sweating and last but not least; for some women the pubic hair can make the vagina sore during friction and/or hair pulling during sex.

When you shave your pubic hairs will they be spiky forever?

No, when you shave your pubic hair the hair does not stay spikey forever. The hair will grow in spikey because it was cut during shaving so this leaves a blunt end, but as hair grows it may soften. Once you stop shaving the hairs will start to grow back in naturally, thus not spikey either.

What are little bumps that appeared after you trimmed your pubic area with clippers and they look like pimples and bleed a lot when popped or pulled off?

probably ingrown hairs. If the hairs are cut short (below the skin) they can grow under the skin and become infected.

I'm 16 and you do not have any pubic hair around your penis are you normal?

no. you have to cut off your penis, bake it, eat it, and grow another one and it will become a vagina. :] cheers, `bryan. no. you have to cut off your penis, bake it, eat it, and grow another one and it will become a vagina. :] cheers, `bryan.

Why don't we say hairs cut?

Getting your hair cut implies that it is more than one strand of hair has been cut. Therefore, hairs cut is not used.

Why do pubic hair hurt after guys shave?

your facial hair is connected to your head hair and your pubic hair as you cut your facial hair your nerves in your skin tell you that your pubic hair is getting cut but is really not

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